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Why am I sad for no reason? 10 ways to get rid of it.

In this article we will talk about a very common problem people have these days. It’s a psychological trait where people feel sad. This feeling of sadness is not based on sudden reaction. In fact it stays there forever. For a short period of time people experience  feeling of  being happy. Later, this feeling fades and sadness prevails. Every human being has a part in their brain that induces emotional  hormones which in return causes emotional reactions either anger , sadness , happiness , pleasure , frustration. We may say that it’s a common thing.  But if you often feel  sadness. You need to find the root of your problem. I will guide you towards your solution of this problem. Stay strong. Don’t feel embarrassed. Its all normal. You will get through this. Take a deep breath. Read this article and find your way out of it. I will be sharing some easiest tips and tricks to avoid sadness.

Why am I sad for no reason? 10 ways to get rid of it.

Why am I sad for no reason? 10 ways to get rid of it.

These days  people have access to a wide range of services and cutting-edge technologies. Decades have gone by. Even when the modern era has arrived, people continue to wonder why I am sad for no apparent cause?  Sadness is a short emotion that usually has a clear cause, such as a major disappointment, the death of a loved one, or terrible news from someone you care about.

No technology can erase emotions;

Emotions are part of us. They make us human. Otherwise we are no less than an animal.  Despite all these years of success we still can’t beat our emotional changes or the way our body reacts. Technology can definitely cause problems to your psychology but it cant elevate it.



Sadness is not just a feeling.  Your mental health can cause some serious physical problems too. 

Symptoms of sadness includes

1. Emptiness inside

2. A huge step away from everything

3. No appetite, no delight, and not being able to laugh.

4.Insomnia wailing

5. The tone of your skin appears yellowish

6.Dark rings under the eyes

7.No desire to take care of oneself, no baths, no dressing up,

 8.Zero motivation,

 9.Feeling lifeless,

10.Getting upset at everything,

 11.Not speaking.

12. Experiencing pain in ones chest

13. Not being capable of moving outdoors

14. Becoming irritated,

15. Becoming rude

16. No energy

17.Feeling unworthy


These are the most common symptoms. If you have these. Try to work on them. Find the root cause of it.


There are many reasons that cause sadness.

 No reaction;

When things aren’t going well. People react negatively to us. We make every effort to disregard them. Your body is trying to communicate with you. But you put a stop to it. You put a stop to your mind’s thinking. As a result, you did not respond to what others said. It’s a disaster.

Later in life, it makes you sad.

No communication;

When you don’t communicate with people, there is no communication. All that you have  kept inside of you.

You’re often worried about how others will react to your likes and dislikes. You’re too concerned about what will happen if they discover you enjoy something they despise. It depresses you. You have no idea why sadness occurs. It’s one of the factors.


If you made a choice in your life and you are not too happy about it.

It can be anything your degree , your job or the person you got married. Or something specific you are doing.  you feel sadness  as there is no satisfaction


People who are often sad must know about how much they procrastinate. It really induces a feeling of sadness , laziness , emptiness inside you.

As a result , procrastination even occurs in enjoyable activities too. Even if a person believes they’d like to attend an event, they may be hesitant to commit because they’re afraid they won’t be able to handle it when the time comes.

So depression is linked with procrastination.

You seek the instructions of others;

It is a significant contributor to your sadness. You’re always doing what other people want you to do. You listen to your family, friends, and spouse and attempt to follow their directions. You don’t get to do what you want.

You constantly cooperate with their requests. Even if your heart tells you otherwise, your own decision stays with you and makes you sad.


People are insecure about some aspect of their bodies or personalities at all times. But if you don’t like it. Make an effort to alter it. Otherwise, you’ll be continuously embarrassed about it. or please accept it regardless of what others says.

insecurities such as

1. Gaining weight

2.Hair on the face

3.Lack of confidence

4. Lack of attractiveness 

5.Lack of intelligence and lower grades.

All are multiple causes of sadness


How to get rid of sadness?

Some tips to follow and get rid of sadness.
Easiest way;

1.Stick to the truth;

Make sure you know exactly what you want. Tell people about your interests. or their dislikes. Don’t be swayed by majority and minority votes; instead, go with your heart. 

Simply do what you enjoy.

2.Listen to wonderful music;

Music that motivates you to achieve your goals.

Don’t listen to depressing music that makes you want to kill yourself.

3.Don’t be afraid to say no;

If you don’t want to do anything straightforward, say no. Don’t speculate on what this person will think or how they will react.

Simply say no.

4.Religious engagement;

It’s a fantastic technique to overcome sadness.

Your soul is in need of rest. Link it to the creator. Your sadness will dissipate.

Both your body and soul will be liberated.

5.Spend time with friends;

friends Get-togethers are seen to be undervalued when it comes to alleviating sadness.

Spend time with your closest buddies and express your emotions.

Explore the area, dine, relax, and build memories.


6.Self care day;

Why am I sad for no reason? 10 ways to get rid of it.

At least once a week, set aside some time for yourself. Take extra care of yourself, especially your skin.

eat something you enjoy and prepare for yourself

take a shower and read a book



Exercise has been scientifically proven to make you happier. Dopamine and other joyful hormones   such as  Serotonin.

Endorphins , oxytocin have role in it.

Spend at least 30 minutes exercising and working out.


8.Visit a store;

Why am I sad for no reason? 10 ways to get rid of it.

Shopping is an excellent way to relieve stress and conquer grief.

Purchase something for yourself.

Take whatever you want, whether it’s a dress, or a watch.

You will notice that your grief dissipates.


9. Have a coffee with your folks;

Take a seat next to your parents or grandparents. Tell them about your dilemma. Let them know what you are going through and they will help you get through these things as they are experienced.

10. Live in a present moment;

Many people are worried about future or lives in past. As a result they cant enjoy present moment.

Try to live everyday to fullest. Learn , explore , share , communicate.

At the end;

Remember that sadness is a feeling just like happiness. It will go away . it will not stay permanent.

Trust the process. Don’t suppress feelings. If you ever get stressed , depressed , sad. Try to avoid it by these tips I have described above.



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