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Who are Drag queens? Are there more Men in drag than women?

Who are Drag queens? Are there more Men in drag than Women?

When do you hear the word “drag” you will be wondering whether it is related to Men or Women. But surprisingly, you will be astonished to know that most “Men in Drag” have been observed greatly and so far. In Spanish, a drag queen is named to be as “Que significant drag queen”

So, you will be wondering to know that what do drag queens do?

Well, the term drag has taken its origination from “gay culture” and often the Men in drag who want to have a look like Females. They achieve their goal by following the specified makeup patterns to get their relevant look by any possible means.

They fall into the category of “fashion and beauty” and it is a matter of surprise to see that they have been followed on a great note.

So, some of the Men in drag do it to represent themselves as Social activists to protect Women’s rights, gay culture, and more specifically LGBT culture that is all related to Trans Men and Trans Women.

Now after getting to know about drag queens a question arises that from where does this category arise?


Hence, the answer to this follows the era of the mid and late 80s when the film culture was just getting evolved and the men have found to follow the makeup and fashion concerned with ladies.

Thereby it has been observed that this term was first originated in this specified era but nothing is sure about the origination of this word, So to get to know more about drag queens let us follow the article till the end to save your queries!

Drag queens

Types of Drag queens

When you come to know about the terminology of Drag queens, you will be wondering to see that what are the types? Or in other words what are the special style patterns that a drag queen follows. 

Therefore, to answer your question we will be providing you insight into some of the major types of drag queens.

So, the following are famous types of drag queens.

Fish type of Drag queen

This type of Drag queen refers mostly to Drahg men, who are keen to explore the ways to resemble women in the best possible way. To achieve their goal they follow the makeup patterns that make them look like females.

High type of Drag queen

As the name shows this type of drag queen tries its best to keep her physical features bulky and larger in size.

This applies to clothes, makeup features, and other characteristics like large eyes, face, and body features. In short, their basic purpose is to provide their enormous features.

Bear type of Drag queen or Men in Drag

When you hear about such a type of drag queen, then you must be knowing that it is referred to the Men in drag who do not bother to hide their male characteristics like beard, facial hair and so much more.

Their aim is to exhibit their masculinity too along with their artificial feminine get-up in the form of makeup.

For that specific reason, they achieve this type of drag queen approach.

Comedian type of Drag queen

While hearing this specific type of drag queen, one must be having the information that it is exactly related to some comedian attire like its name.

The drag men who follow this style aim at the specific appearance of jockers, clowns, and other comedian figures.

Trans type of Drag queen

This type of drag queen is displayed by the Drag men, who aim at showing half of the female look and half of the male look thereby coming up with both of the looks in equal ratio.

This type of drag queen has to exert extreme hard work to make their purpose be completed.

Pageant type of Drag queen

This term is related to the girls who are the contestants of some beauty or pageant competitions. They take part by following the look of Drag queens.

They participate in the form of unique looks, speaking style, and manners of the drag queens.

The young girls do not bother whether they are called drag queens or not by their actions, but all they are concerned about is the pageant competition that they have to win at any cost yet they follow a female impersonation.

Drag Show

Now that we have been carrying out the discussion over drag queens a specified terminology related to drag queens must also be taken into account. For that let us throw some light over Drag Show

So, what s this?

As drag queens are quite popular around the world so their community throws up shows in different parts of the world by the name of “Drag show”.

The basic purpose of this show is to honor women’s rights, the LGBT community, and the Men in drag.

In such a kind of show, there are skits, beauty competitions, and many other aspects showcasing the drag queens at their best.

Now that we have come to know a lot about Drag queens so let us discuss some Men in drag who are famous in the whole world.

Famous Drag queens or Men in Drag around the world

Though there is a lot of Men in Drag around the globe yet in this article we will give you insight into some of the famous names.


This man in drag is renowned for his drag queen attire around the world, especially in America. He is a famous singer, actor, model as well as a drag queen.

Due to his uncanny resemblance as a drag queen, he is quite known for his splendid makeup in the fashion world.

By Instagram profile statics, this drag queen has 4.2 million followers with a net worth of 60 million dollars.


Bianca Del Rio

The name of this drag queen is originally said to be Roy Haylock but this man in drag is set to be in the drag world as “ Bianca Del Rio”.

This drag queen hails from America and is well known for his makeup, drag-style, costumes, and being a good designer.

Not only this there is a lot more!

This drag is said to be as World’s famous and most rich drag queen of 2020 ranking. This drag queen profile is sought to be as being the one with 2.5 million followers on Instagram and has a net worth of $4 Million.


Trixie Mattel

Trixie Mattel or the Skinny Legend is popular enough to be known as the drag queen. She is basically a Woman in drag.

Trixie Mattel is quite famous in the region of America for her marvelous performance in the activities like acting, makeup, fashion, modeling, and being a designer.

This famous drag queen has always been in rumors thereby a hashtag with justice for Trixie was observed for her for various reasons especially for her elimination in a show.

This drag queen profile has shown that he has gotten net worth to be of 10 million dollars with an Instagram following of 2.5 million.


Alyssa Edwards

The drag queen who is known for her active participation infamous drag shows like “Drag Race” and “All stars” is Alyssa Edwards

She has built up a strong reputation by her show participation and now she is known enough for her youtube channel named to be “Alyssa’s Secrets”.

While we come to know about the estimations from her profile then we will come to know that she has gotten a net worth of 3 million US dollars with Instagram followers to be 1.9 million.

Katya Zamolodchikova

When this name is uttered one of the famous men in drag is recalled. The name of this man in drag is initially Brian Joseph McCook but for the drag world, he is Katya Zamolodchikova.

This drag queen is known enough for being a well-educated person and is also categorized among one of the famous drag queens of the world.

This drag queen is known to be the one with 2.4 million Instagram followers and the profile shows that his net worth is comprised of 1 million dollars.


Bob the Drag queen

The drag queen who falls under the category of drag men is one of the popular drag queens from America.

This drag man is known to be a famous comedian, designer, makeup artist with impressive and worth considering makeup styles.

The profile provides an analysis that he has almost 1.5 million followers under his benchmark for Instagram.

This drag queen is known to be famous among the Women drag queens of the world.

Bob the drag



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