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Top 12 lotions you absolutely need to know about for hand care


As we use our hands to do the majority of our activities, they need to be groomed and relaxed in order to look lovely and smooth! The following are twelve sure-fire solutions to get those beautiful hands. We have compiled a list of the easiest and most effective Beauty Tips For Hands that you can use.

Top 12 lotions for hand care 

Applying an antiseptic hand scrub or administering an antiseptic hand wash to reduce or prevent the growth of microorganisms. Hand hygiene is critical. Actions to reduce the risk of skin irritation or injury. Hand-washing is needed.

Use a protective hand cream or lotion at least once a day to care for your hands. Do not wash your hands with soap and water before or after using an alcohol-based hand scrub on a daily basis. Your hands will make a powerful first impression, whether it is with a handshake or a welcoming wave. Because of this, you want them to be as gentle, smooth, and stable as possible.

Lotions and Moisturizers

It may seem that caring for them is easy, but you must use the proper products to wash and moisturize them so that the skin does not become dry and cracked. It is also necessary to keep your hands safe from irritants like the sun, water, and household chores.

It is essential to utilize hand cream before going to bed, but you can also keep a bottle by your sink. To avoid unnecessary dryness throughout the day, squirt a fast squirt of lotion after any time you wash your hands.

Why hand care is important?

 Hand hygiene and hand washing are the single most effective ways to stop becoming sick and transferring germs to others. More than ten times a day, 38% of people wash their face. It’s important to note that wet hands are the key source of germ transmission.

 Basic steps you need to follow to get beautiful and soft hands.

Moisturize your hands

Apply a high-quality hand moisturizer to your hands at least three times a day after thoroughly washing them. Use a soft, non-greasy moisturizer in the summer and a thicker moisturizer like a body butter in the winter. Winters are notorious for drying out the skin, so extra moisturizing is important.

Pamper the hands

At least once a month, treat yourself to a manicure. Hands are washed, exfoliated, and massaged during a manicure. Your hands receive extensive nourishment.


Scrub your hands with a strong exfoliating agent at least once a week to remove any dead skin. You don’t have time to go out and buy one? Make your own at home. Combine a teaspoon of fine sugar and olive oil with the juice of half a lime and stir well. If you want to try something new, simply add one drop of your favorite essential oil and you’re good to go! You’ve made your own exfoliating scrub at home.


Massage your hands for at least five minutes at night to enable the moisturizer to absorb. For extremely dry palms, combine your moisturizer with a small amount of Vaseline to keep them safe all night.

Protect your hands

 Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands when washing dishes, gardening, or doing some other job that requires your hands to come into contact with chemicals, grease, or dirt.

 File and Trim

Instead of filing your nails in a seesaw motion, file them in one direction. The layers of the nail can be divided by a seesaw movement, and if water gets between those layers, it can cause nail peeling. Trim your nails once every two weeks or as required.

Eat Right  

It is really important to pay attention to what you eat. Proteins, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E supplements should all be included in your diet if you want healthy, sturdy nails and smooth, supple palms.

12 top Creams and lotions

1.    Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream

For a reason, it won the “best hand cream” category in our 2020 Healthy Beauty Awards. This product contains glycerin, which gives it a smooth feel without being sticky or hard. If you have extremely dry hands, it provides immediate relief, so keep it in your bag and applies as needed, says Heather Woolery-Lloyd, M.D., director of ethnic skin care at the University of Miami Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery.

2.     Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Moisturizing Hand Cream

The dense, fragrance-free cream soothes cracks and calluses while still absorbing quickly and preserving the skin. This one is for you if you cannot bear the feeling of lotion on your palms.

3.     First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

This multi-use cream from First Aid Beauty is also one of Prevention’s best face moisturizers for dry skin, and it’s a perfect choice for dry hands. This fragrance- and alcohol-free cream works wonders on broken, dry skin thanks to dimethicone, glycerin, colloidal oatmeal, ceramides, and Shea butter.

4.     Cerave Therapeutic Hand Cream

According to Dr. Madfes, this one is also a winner. Ceramides are an ingredient in all CeraVe items that “holds onto moisture very well,” she says. Star ingredients include hyaluronic acid and dimethicone. If you have extremely allergic skin, the National Eczema Association has given this hand cream their seal of approval.

5.     L’Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream

Do you think your skin can’t be saved? Try a Shea butter solution for severe dryness, as it forms a soothing barrier on the skin. L’Occitane hand creams are recommended by Dr. Madfes. She describes it as having a creamier consistency and a good profile of moisturizing fatty acids. With more than 5,800 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, this L’Occitane pick is also a hit.

6.     Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have smooth skin. In fact, the simplest formulas are often the best—and good ol’ Vaseline is a go-to because it’s made up entirely of protective petroleum jelly. Dr. Bae says, “It is easy, but powerful, and it’s well tolerated by sensitive skin.”

7.     Aveeno Skin Relief Hand Cream

Another great alternative for eczema, this Aveeno hand cream is a good option for those who suffer from the disorder on their hands, according to Dr. Madfes, since it can quickly melt into the skin. Glycerin draws moisture back into the skin, while oatmeal reduces redness and itchiness.

8.     Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizing Cream

It is specially formulated with moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients like vitamin E to hydrate and soothe dry, cracked skin,” says Dr. Bae, and it’s “perfect for difficult trouble areas like  hands, feet, elbows, and knees.” It also includes glycerin and dimethicone for additional moisture, as well as squalene to provide a protective layer.

9.     Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream

This hand cream does not feel like your usual hand cream, but it works quickly. Your hands will feel like they just took a big gulp of water after applying this, which is filled with sweet almond oil and nourishing vitamin E. The almond fragrance is light and refreshing, and the formula is free of parabens and phthalates if you want to avoid them.

10.     Weleda Regenerating Pomegranate Hand Cream

Passion fruit seed oil, as well as Shea butter, olive oil, and glycerin are used in this unique hand cream to deeply moisturize the skin. This is the one for you if you want a more natural formula that is still light and non-greasy.

11.    Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

Choose this Kiehl’s hand salve, which contains glycerin, dimethicone, Shea butter, and squalane, to fix and protect your hands from the harsh winter elements. It also includes a hydrating mix of a sesame seed, eucalyptus leaf, and avocado oils, as well as aloe vera for healing.

12.    Supergoop! Hand screen SPF 40

Our hands, too, need sunscreen (if you want to avoid those pesky age spots, at least). Supergoop has this one! Contain moisturizing oils and an SPF of 40 to keep your hands hydrated while also shielding them from harmful UV rays.

5   Reasons to Use a Hand Cream

1. Our hands age more quickly. Since there are fewer sebaceous glands on the tops of our palms, it dries faster.

2. Heal broken and dry skin.

3. Skin that has been damaged should be repaired.

4. Defend yourself from pathogens.

5. Remember to take care of your nails.



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