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Story of Josh Allen

 In  this Artical , we will be discussing the story of JOSH ALLEN famous American football player. currently, playing for BUFFALO BILLS in NFL. we will discuss how he worked hard to get where he is know. stick to the end to learn about him more. he is only 25 year old. he was born in a farm. we will discuss about his powers and styles in game here.

            Story of Josh Allen

  • Josh Allen is an American football quarterback player. Currently, he is playing for the BUFFALO BILLS in NFL .He was born  in Firebaugh, California on may , 1996.

          Birthplace of Allen

  •  He was born in a farm. A cotton farm. Who knew that he would become the most hotly debated topic in the world right now.

          Helping his mom

  • Before starting his work in agriculture for helping his family. He used to help his mother in a restaurant. 

         Other games

  • In his other time he use to play sports like football, basketball even he use to do swimming too

         Best Athlete in town

  • He was known around firebaugh as its best athlete but nobody gets recruited out of Firebaugh especially until starts his junior year of high school.
  • Most quarterbacks we see on Sunday dominated from freshman high school all the way to draft day.

  •  Josh Allen was not even close to fully grown as a high schooler his high school was the butt of every joke.

Story of Josh Allen


  •  And rival high school Mendota demolished  them every season growing until josh appears. Everything changed then.

         victory against Mendota

  • He threw 26 touchdowns for Firebaugh as a junior and lead the team expected to win just two games   more overly, they got their first win over Mendota in a decade. 

  • He followed that act even with more dominant senior year.   


  • When it look like his football career was over, then ERNIE RODRIGUEZ  showed up. He was the local coach. 

  • When no one belived josh he believed in him. Despite not wanting to go to the junior college.He finally went to the Redley college.


  •  He bet on himself and attended it. he surprisingly grew 2 more inches in spring and he got his chance in 2014. And now one the most powerful and largest player on the field.

  • He took full advantage. In his debut, he ran for 4 touchdowns and was entrenched as the new starter.
          25 touchdown to just 4 interceptions
  •  Josh Allen blew up the Juco league throwing 25 touchdown to just 4 interceptions with his newfound stature Allen fired backup his d1 dreams

  • He sent an email to many coaches. He received offers from 2 schools only. He went to the Wyoming.

        University of   Wyoming.

  •  Even then he was second or third choice leftovers as soon as h hit the University of Wyoming. His popularity increased.

          Broke his collar bone;

  • Later, he broke his collar bone . ending his first year at Wyoming as medical redshirt. He impressed the staff so much. 

         Strong arm;

  • All of his abilities were on display with an incredibly strong arm and gunslinger mentality   to match it.  he was an impressive thrower and runner both. 

  • He dominated. Responsible for 36 touch own as a fresher, 28 through the air. Seven on ground and he even caught one

  • With that gun slinging style came costly turnovers times throwing 15 interceptions  while only completing 56 of his passes.

  • After one year he left. On the  demands of his father and friend Carson Wentz he joined again. At first it was not the very good idea. Story of josh Allen tells us that he  struggled a lot.

  •  He was held to under 100 yards and 50 % completion  percentage in both games  But later in the last four games he flipped the switch. Totaling 10 touchdowns with no interception. 

       Polarizing Personality

  • When Josh Allen declared for the NFL draft. He became the most polarized personality in NFL

  • Many thought he would be the  number one pick. Other didn’t bothered it. he was compared to many top quarterback players. 

  • He might have been the biggest question mark. Opinions were all over the  place. Outsiders even called JOSH ALLEN a parody of an NFL.

  •  A lot of critics believed he could not  take hi raw ability and turn it into a franchise qb his 50 accuracy rate and forced throws couldn’t work on the biggest stage.

        Buffalo Bills;

  •  Going head to head with the others qb in his draft class. He was the third one taken with 7nth overall pick. Buffalo bills took him in their team. His story and hurdles don’t end there. 

  • He threw more interceptions than passing touchdowns and completed horrible 52 percent of his passé. His rookie year proved that he was great.

  • Hurtling Anthony Barr for first downs and chucking a 57 yard in air bomb to Zay Jones in his debut. At times he was erratic, inaccurate and didn’t take care of the ball in big moments.

  •  Josh Allen finished his rookie season with 10 passes and 8 rushing touchdowns to 12 interceptions

  •    Josh story tells us that 2019 make the leap around josh Allen

  • His  improvements were noticeable. He worked on himself . polished his skills and in the stat sheet he drew for 20 touchdowns and added 9 more on the ground . 

  • He reduced his interceptions to just 9.and completed 6 % of his attempts. Most importantly with Josh at the reigns the bills found the playoffs in the game that showed the future of sport.


  • Deshaun Watson and Allen battled the Texans came back from a 16-0 deficit and even fought off josh allens late gamefinal drive heroics to win the instant classic in overtime 22-10 but it was just the beginning.

  • In 2020 the josh Allen of old was replaced with a quarterback that could combine the supreme talents you cant teach with the nuance, mechanics and decisiveness .

  • It takes years  to learn and so josh Allen we know today was born with newly acquired Stefon Diggs to toss to it. 

story of Josh Allen


  • With a great coaching staff around him Allen opened up the 2020 season unhinged against the jets. 

  • He threw his first career 300 yard game adding two passing and a rushing touchdown  the next week against the Dolphins.

  • He dominated later in the game. he hit tight window throws to Steffon Diggs  broke would be sacks to paint the back of the end zone and flicked a ball  46 yards for  the game clinching td all in the fourth quarter. 

  • Allen would need that late game Magic as the rams battled back from a 25 point deficit he hit Cole Beasley for another game winning and his third straight 300 yard game. 

  • The big moments kept coming. Allen became the first qb to ever have the multiple 400 yard . three touchdowns game without a pick in  season.

  •  He led the bills to their  first home wins against the patriots since 2011.

  •  He beat the sea hawks the firsts broken records and big moments came in bunches. His experience brought the bills their first division titles since 1995
  • He finished with 37 touchdown passes and four 500 passing yard at remarakable 69 % completion

  • His rookie year is the best improvement ever.

  • So, this was the story of josh Allen that tells us he struggled a lot. 

  • Behind every success there is a whole hearted hard work. You can not achieve anything simply. One should learn from story of josh Allen.




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