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Sequel of Squid Game – Is the Squid Game having a sequel?

Is the Squid Game having a sequel?

Squid game which is now quite popular is taking the internet by storm on account of its overwhelming success. This Netflix series was directed by Hwang Dong Hayuk. The director was struggling to put forward this series for a long, But surprisingly it had taken over 10 years to put this dream into reality.

Finally, in 2021 its direction was carried out bringing about a fair name to this effort of him. Initially, People assume it to be more like Hunger games but it’s much more than that. Hence, it follows a movie that anybody can say to be a Scary game.

Many people assume it to be a sort of scarious, violent and terrified one yet the reality is quite different. The viewers of this hilarious series will only be able to find it interesting but till then enjoy the rumors.

Background of this series

Initially, the director of this series thought of making it a reality, after following the Korean games which they used to play in their childhood.

This was comprised of six games following the games like Red light- Green light, Honeycomb, Tug of War, Marbles, Chess, and lastly the Squid game. By its final game, it took the initiation.

This series was thereby put forward after following the Childhood games being played by the Koreans in their early childhood. There was also the thought to memorize the past memories associated with moments of happiness. In short, it depicts the harsh realities of life.


The cast of the Series:-

Its Cast is comprised of a long list of actors, of which some are new and some are experienced ones yet the major listing is comprised of the following.

  • HoYeon- Jung

  • Park Hae Soo

  • Lee Jung Jae

  • Wi-Ha Joon

  • Gong Yoo

  • Heo Sung Tae

  • Lee-Yoo Mee

  • Lee Buyong Hun

  • Lee Ji Ha

  • Kimm Joo Ryeong

  • Kang Mal geum

  • Stephen Phoo

  • Tom Choi

  • Kim Young Ok

  • Anupam Tripathi

The storyline behind this series

This dark humor kind of series just speaks of the economic circumstances at its best. It just explains in its way best that how one’s surrounding circumstances can lead you towards a situation of life and death.

This story starts by depicting the main character of the story Gi-Hun, whose life is followed by debt. He does not have sufficient sources to pay his debt. He always strives to find a way that can help him in the way best.

In this movie, he is shown to follow the ways like following bets and following the pathways that can grant him instant money. Due to his situation, his own family just depart ways from him. He used to meet his daughter and lives alone with his mother.

In a quest of finding some effective way, one day he happens to come across a stranger; who first persuades him to play some simple game with him and then provides him with sufficient money as a result of his promise.

The Story follows a plot twist!

The story continues afterward, Hence he then awakes greed in him and says to him that if he wants to win big rewards then he has gotten away.

At first, Gi-hun finds it suspicious but then follows what he says. In that instant, the anonymous person handles him a suspicious business card with strange symbols, and a contact number is displayed.

He takes it in hurry and leads his way home. Now there has been the depiction of other characters a girl namely Young-hee, who was also seen in a quest to make her life better. An old man who just took this opportunity as a golden chance as he has no fear of life and death and the neighbor of Gi-Hun who was a bright student yet he had become the victim of circumstances.

This story starts when players contact the mysterious number and just get compile at the way where they had been told. Firstly, all found themselves at a strange place where the game starts.

The first game, Red light-Green light seems to them quite easy, but it follows a plot twist. This childhood game used to follow the elimination of players who does not follow the rule. But in this violent game, the player was meant to be the victim of the instant killing at the spot. This provokes fear in the players.

After successfully, clearing the game; the players who are escaped demand to stop the game, and they get succeeded. Now, when they were released in their real life, they seemed to be disturbed by their life and once again optioned to play the game again.


Now there seem complexities even worst!

As the group where Gi- Hun was a part has already guessed that it’s a childhood sort of

game. The games that they used to play in their childhood, but yet this was a deadly one.

So, they have to play with great care otherwise they will be killed.

Every passing day,

comprised of game levels, the players were getting to be eliminated in the form of getting


On the other hand, the reward prize was getting increased with each player getting


The Game of Do or die!

It will not be a bad thing if we call this game a situation of Do or Die, as there has been

a killing process if any player does not pass the level. Hence, Gi-Hun has formed a

supportive team but there were times where they had to say farewell to their teammates

in the form of being killed.

Everybody in this game was assured of the fact that he can

just die at any instant. So, this series continued to be a thriller till the last.

In the second last game, Gi-Hun, his neighbor, and Young-Hee were left.

But the girl had followed injury so she seemed to be reluctant,

On the other hand, both men had become enemies of one another

By taking the opportunity, Gi-Hun’s neighbor just murdered the girl.

Now there were just two left at the end.

A Thrilled Ending

The ending was full of emotions, fear, and greed. The last game was followed by the

Squid game. Before playing this game both of the players fought among themselves.

But Gi-Hun was a God-fearing man so he escaped his opponent. But being deprived of

sufficient resources, the opponent attempted suicide on the spot making Gi-Hun the


He had gotten the prize money but his questions regarding this game never

seemed to be ending. The last scene of the game movie turned out to be a questioning

one. It leaves behind the idea that there might be a sequel.

Gi Hun

A sequel to be expected:-

Although, there has not been sufficiently found any saying about the Sequel of this series by

the Director, yet the last scenes of the movie strongly support the fact that there could be

another season.

As it has been a huge success worldwide so the fans might be rewarded with another season

as expected, till then no confirmed news regarding another season has been granted by the


So, we should not be disappointed for another season full of adventures and meanwhile,

let’s enjoy the Squid game.



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