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Now you see me 3 canceled – Director of now you see me and its sequels

Now you see me 3 canceled

Movies like now you see me are quite famous around the world for their marvelous cast, action, illusion, magic, heist, and everything that the audience with a love for action films can expect from a filmmaker.

This action movie is a splendid treat for the people who have a love for action more than anything.

More importantly, this movie revolves around the illusion which strongly focuses upon illusion and magic in the form of now you see it, now you not!. That makes this movie extract its name and serve as a masterpiece.

So, for the fans of movies like now you see me this article is best suited to know about its history, cast, and the upcoming sequel. 

Hence, give this article a read till the end and just don’t miss the end to save some recent updates.

Now you see me

Director of Now you see me and its sequels

Now you see me has achieved best performance awards for it and its sequels yet the direction of this movie and its counterparts has been carried out by 3 different directors respectively.

Director of now you see me

The director of now you see me is Louis Letterier. This director is known for his effective direction for the direction of various movies but for now, you see me the world appraised him for his direction.

Release date of Now you see me

This movie was released on May 13, 2013.

Director of now you see me 2

Part 2 of now you see me has a different direction from the first part and so the name of director for this sequel is Jon M.Chu. This director is famous for his superb work of direction especially for the movies like now you see me.

Release date of Now you see me 2

This movie had been released in the date of June 17, 2016.

Now you see me 2

Director of Now you see me 3

There are just rumors going on about the director, cast, and story of how you see my part 3, yet by the rumors, David Gould can be the director for the upcoming sequel.

Expected release date of Now you see me 3

As said before all about this is based upon rumors but it can be said with confidence that it might be released anytime in 2022.

Outline of the story for movies like Now you see me

The basic story of this whole movie revolves around a team and their heist for money. This team is led by a famous magician named Atlas and the team is named “Four Horsemen”.

Not only does this team works to bring about the heist but it is also used to display a magic show for the audience!. So here arises a twist

So this team not only used to quest for the money by hunting it from the famous bank accounts and agents for their personal benefits.

But they also used to distribute to the ones like audience members who just have a strong need like financial problems.

This story continues for the team as in their hunt they tend to be recognized by an agent and a detective that afterward continues till the next Sequel.

Now you see me 2

The story of how you see me is based on an American thriller taking notes from a real-life story.

Surprisingly! You will be astonished to know that the magic tricks being shown in the movie are performed by real magicians by showing the “Piranhas tricks”.

This story is continued for now you see me when the team is getting to be attacked by their rivals.

Now the movie shows that the team reaches out to China for the magic show.

Here it has been shown for the movies like now you see me following major suspense and mystery.

Now, here arises Daniel Redcliffe to be a tech specialist, who asks the team to find an important computer chip, otherwise all the computers of the world might be getting hacked.

The movie is going on yet on the other hand the agent from season 1 of now you see me has now shown to be fighting against his own odds in a search to find the murderer of his father.

Now you see me 3

Now as the story is going on and no end has been shown yet there is a clear illustration that points out the upcoming season.

But till then cheer and enjoy the rumors!

The cast of Now you see me

The cast for the movies like now you see me is having changing characters with the change in season.

But no need to worry!

As we will let you know the names of the actors for all of the seasons, till then hang on with the article!


The cast of now you see me (Season 1)

  • Jesse Eisenberg

  • Woody Harrelson

  • Mark Ruffalo

  • Morgan Freeman

  • Dave Franco

  • Michael Cane

  • Isla Fischer

  • Melanie Laurent

  • Bobby Cohen

  • Common

  • Michael Kelly

  • Caitriona Balfe

  • David Warshofsky

  • Larry Fong

  • Jose Garcia

  • Elias Koteas

  • Jessica Lindsey

  • Justine Wachsberger

  • Stephanie Honor

  • Conan O’ Brien

  • Laura Cayouette

  • J.Larose

  • Douglas M.Griffen

  • Joye Chrest

  • Kerry Cahill

  • Stanley Wong

  • Adam Shap

  • Odessa Sy

  • Anthony Molinari

  • Brad Abrell

  • Griff Furst

  • Hunter Burke

  • Samantha Beaulieu

  • Teddy Canez

  • Michael Hartson

  • Caleb Michelson

  • Han Soto

  • Catherine K Poon

  • Christian Gazio

  • Brad Pitt

  • Amanda Seyfried

  • Jayma Mays

  • Neil Pattrick Haris

  • Christina Ricci

The caste of Now you see me (Season 2)

The caste, for now, you see my part 2 has been comprised of the cast from season 1 out of which some cast members were not included.

But season 2 seems interesting to the viewers as the most famous of all time character of Harry Potter series namely Daniel Redcliffe was spotted in season 2 as the tech expert!

Hence talking about Season 3 and its story with the cast, there is no confirmed news, yet we just have to rely upon the ongoing rumors.

Streaming of now you see me

If you are a diehard fan of this series and your mind is overwhelmed by the questions like how to avail now you see me watch online free? watch now you see me 2 online free and now 3 as well as watch you see me.

Then you are in right place!

So, to get now you see me watch online free, be done you should follow now you see me 123movies for free and after the following of registration, you can stream it on Netflix.

Now you see me 3 canceled!

If you are a fan of the now you see me series then it is obvious that you might be wondering about its upcoming sequel.

Well, if we want to get information for that query then we have to follow the rumors.

Yes, you heard it absolutely right!


Therefore, following the rumors new guest appearances in the form of popular actors are expected. Not only this Danielle Redcliffe might be a part of this series.

Furthermore, the audience can be saddened by the fact that due to the ongoing pandemic or other prevailed conditions in the world, it may or may not be canceled.

So, let us just not lose hope and have positive thoughts!



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