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This year Things are going to get better- 2022

Time always passes with great speed. Every new year brings new trends, traditions and resolutions to everyone’s life. As things change with the passage of time so in the following year many new things will also happen.

In The Following Year

In the following year, many great things would happen as predicted. This would change the whole world as the last two years also bring many changes to the life of an individual from poor to rich all got the affected from COVID-19. Due to this importance of many things changed some small things got popularity whereas, some famous things have value in that situation.

In The Following Year

New Year traditions

New year event people celebrate a lot all over the world. There are many ways to celebrate the new year. As people from all over the world celebrate the new year in different ways according to their traditions and culture.

There are different timings of celebrating the new year because some countries use different calendars in the UK.

Generally, new year traditions are designed to bring luck and fortune in the year ahead. Let’s take a look at how people are celebrating the start of the new year around the world.

Here is the list of some of the ways of new year celebrations.

1-Big Fireworks Display               

2-Smashing Plates

3-Eating Lentils

4-Dropping Things

5-Eating Grapes

6-Dressing up Bears

7-Ringing Bells

8-Throwing Furniture

9-Walking an Empty Suitcase

Big Firework Display

One of the most popular ways to celebrate the new year is with big fireworks displays. These take place all over the world, as different countries hit midnight. Although coronavirus restrictions around the world prevent big crowds in some places, fireworks fired up and people enjoyed them from a distance.

In The Following Year

Smashing plates

The smashing plate is an old tradition in which people break plates which is a sign of the end or beginning of something. It is basically to express abundance.

Eating Lentils

It is a tradition in Italy. It is believed to bring good luck. Eating the lentils in the new year is said to be date back to ancient Rom. Ancient Rom’s give the bag full of lentils as a gift.

Dropping Things

Dropping things is actually a dropping ball tradition which is held since 1908 till now it is basically celebrated in time square. many people from far away places came to see this event.

Eating Grapes

Eating grapes on new year night is an old tradition that has spread to many Latin American Countries.

The followers of this tradition eat 12 grapes one for each month of the year. they eat 12 grapes when the clock strikes midnight 12.

Dressing up Bears

It is a tradition in which people wear animal or fur costumes. They get up like bears and ring bells door to door to wish the new year to the people.

Ringing Bells

Ringing Bells is basically an old tradition of Buddhism and Hinduism. They rang the bells of the temple 108 times to get rid of their sins. Their concept basically is that they may get rid of evils in this way.

Throwing Furniture

In new year events, people from all over the world perform new different activities which are basically their old traditions. Throwing old things from the window is basically the tradition of Italy. 

Walking an Empty Suitcase

According to this tradition, people run along with their suitcases. It is believed that the more they ran they will get the more chances of travelling in the upcoming years.

Environmental Conditions in 2022

Most people around the world believe that by 2022 we will see more consequences of climate change, with 60% of them saying that there will be more extreme weather events on Earth. soil. in 2022 compared to 2021. With several European countries affected by flooding in 2021, it is not surprising that these numbers increase to 72% in the Netherlands, 69% in the UK and 66% in Belgium.

The Economy of The World in 2022

In The Following Year

A clear majority (75%) expect prices in their countries to increase faster than incomes. While most people around the world think this is likely to happen, only a third (33%) think so in Japan (which of course has been subject to decades of deflation).
Only a third (35%) globally expect to see stock markets around the world crashing. Globally, people have greater expectations for stock market stability in 2022 than they did in 2021 when 40% said major stock markets around the world were likely to crash.


 71% expect to see their country’s city centers get busy again as people regularly return to work in offices. Nine in ten (87%) in China say this is likely to happen. People in South America have similar expectations, with four out of five (78%) in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia wanting their city centers to be busy again.

Globally, about three in ten (28%) say it is likely that people in their country will become more tolerant of one another. While this figure rises to 60% among Indians, only 9% of French consider it likely.


 More than half (57%) say it is likely that more people will live their lives in a virtual world. This rises to almost eight in ten (77%) in Turkey but drops to 

3% in the UK, 36% in Saudi Arabia and just 18% in Japan.   Four in ten (38%) think it’s likely their government will introduce tough rules on big tech companies, and from our 2021 Global Trends Survey, we know that social media companies have too much power.

Global threats

Four out of ten people expect a natural disaster to strike a major city in their country. This number rises to 63% in the United States and 58% in Turkey. In contrast, Scandinavians are more optimistic and only a minority expect a natural disaster to happen to Sweden (2

%) and Denmark (21%)., One in 10 people (38%) says it is more likely that hackers from foreign governments will cause global computer problems. Chapter:  Armageddon? A third (3

%) globally believe nuclear weapons are likely to be used in conflicts somewhere in the world. This number amounts to half (52%) Turks., One in seven (1

%) people expect aliens to visit Earth in 2022, but as always, Indians are more likely to expect visitors from space.

Outlook 2022  

In The Following Year

Hope is eternal. As usual, three-quarters (77%) expect a better year in 2022, from 

5% of Japanese say they are optimistic that 2022 will be a better year than 2021
to 9% for the Chinese., 2021 seems to be a better year than 2020 for most countries. When asked in 2020, 90% said that 2020 was a bad year for their country. This year (in 2021), when asked about 2021, that number has dropped to 77% globally.   Just 56% say 2021 is bad for them and their families, up from 90% last year.   

Like most years, three-quarters say they will make personal decisions to do specific things for themselves or others by 2022. Japan (50%) and Sweden (23 %) are the only countries surveyed where only a minority will make a decision for the new year. In general, there is more optimism about the global economy. Three out of five people globally agree that the global economy will be stronger next year, up from 5% in 2020.



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