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Hungry but no food – I dont really feel like it

Hungry but no food

Some individuals want to eat but there are some approaches that do not let them make this possible. While on the other hand, some exist who are easily getting controlled over what they eat and like.

Everything must be in a definite proportion, so is the case with this scenario.

So, if you are the one whose mind keeps on reminding him that I’m hungry but no food then this article is the right suited choice for you to find your queries.

Here we will discuss the problems that might be faced in such a kind of situation and we will also find some methods to get over it as soon as possible.

Therefore, give this article a full read to find more and the most.

Hungry but no food

Reasons for being hungry but don’t want to eat

Food is the basic need for the body to function. It must be provided on a whole note in order to make the body look fit and healthy.

If your mind keeps on reminding you that I’m hungry but you are not having the will to eat then there might be because of the following reasons.

I don’t really feel like it

As it has been said before that food is the requirement of the body so it must be taken in a proper portion to make the working needs of the body possible.

So, if you feel like I’m hungry but I don’t really feel like it then it might be some disturbances of your body in the form of disturbing health conditions. It might be on the following basis.

The disturbed condition of Stomach

The stomach is the human organ that is responsible for helping the food to store, function, and work as an essential food distributing organ.

For some people who feel like I’m hungry but do not want to eat then there could be a disturbance in the


I really dont like it

It could be comprised of following

  • Stomach ulcers

  • Gastric issues

Stomach issues

Stomach Ulcers

These occur in the stomach in the form of burned out stomach parts that gets to be eaten by the excessive discharge of Gastric Juice, which helps in absorbing the food which is referred to as waste by the stomach. 

So, there seems to occur disturbance in that specific part of the Stomach that makes you feel like, I like it but not a lot.

Another condition that has been observed for such a sort of scenario is that I feel nauseous when hungry,

So, such a kind of condition arises when the Stomach is facing the issue of not getting the food to absorb. This can be of many reasons especially problems in ingestion, absorbance, and gastrointestinal juice.

If this condition is faced by your body on a regular note, then this is alarming and you must protect it at any cost before something more complex to face.

Gastric issues

Such a kind of issue occurs out as a disturbance in some part of the stomach like the Stomach cavity, Caecum, Stomach lining, or the part related to intestines which are being interlinked to the Stomach.

Therefore, the Doctors must be consulted for such a sort of condition.

Some Psychological Reasons

Such a sort of reasons can be based upon many reasons but most commonly it is comprised of other two subdivisions like that of the following.

  • Disturbed mental condition

  • Forgetting to eat

Disturbed mental condition

If you are thinking that I’m hungry but yet there is a thinking that what to eat when nothing sounds good then it might be because of your disturbed condition of mind or some psychological reasons.

Psychological reasons make you feel like I’m hungry but no food. This condition arises as a result of your mental health which is not proper.

This can also be seen that if you suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety due to reasons like workload or some misery then your mind will not send stimulus to your brain to eat with some proper satisfaction of hunger.

This is one of the major causes of appetite issues for every age group especially for adults who are the prey of continuous hunger conditions.

This sort of condition must be prevented as soon as possible so that you can live your life in a happy way and to the fullest.

Forgetting to eat

If you feel like I’m hungry but forgetting to eat then it might be getting happened because of some disturbance in Brain functions.

It can also be because of excessive workload that leads you to place your work at first pace but before your appetite requirements.

Your mind keeps you reminded to just consider your work and forget every other thing that might be important.

In an instant to make this happen, you just emphasize bringing to get your work done and forgetting every other thing.

If an individual is facing such a condition then he must take notice before something serious might happen to him.

Solutions to control your hunger issues

If you always feel like I’m hungry and I want to eat, then we will give the proper solutions to make your goals be achievable.

Self care

Psychotherapy to manage psychological issues

This is the basic solution for the ones who are suffering from the approach that what to eat when nothing sounds good?

In order to tackle this, an individual should follow the psychotherapy from the concerned Psychologist or psychiatrist.

In order to manage it on an earlier note, the prescriptions by your Doctors must be followed carefully and on time.

Following regular exercise and Yoga

Exercise is an effective way to manage any sort of condition especially the ones related to health. In order to manage it, an individual must follow the habit to relax his body by following some effective exercises.

This can be done by following the gym or joining a gym or a group that is motivated to bring about change by following some Yoga asanas.

Following a regular medical checkup

A regular routine checkup must be followed to protect yourself from suddenly getting to know a serious health issue.

You must follow a Doctor for your routine checkup that will help you to make yourself be healthy and fit all the time.

As it is rightly said.

“A healthy body possesses a healthy mind”

So, in order to make this approach come true, you must follow a regular routine checkup to get a thorough analysis of the health condition of your body.

Bringing the act of positivity in life

Positivity can bring about effective changes to life especially for some conditions like this. This can be done on a positive note by following some pious deeds like helping the poor, escaping enmity, and just feeling satisfied with sufficient blessings.

If you learn to make your inner self satisfied then almost all of your problems will be getting solved on an earlier basis and you will feel it like magic.

Changing your lifestyle

So, if you feel like I’m hungry but have no food then you need to bring amendments to your lifestyle. It can be followed by escaping the things which have a negative vibe in your life.

Furthermore, you need to follow some reminders being set up by yourself in order to make your life beautiful and be positive.

Therefore, bringing changes to your lifestyle in the form of setting up regularity in sleep habits, eating habits and proper workout can save your life and it will help your mind for reminding you that I’m hungry but no food.



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