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How to lose weight unhealthy? Easiest way!


In this article, we will discuss the topic mostly searched around the whole world. Losing weight is considered to be way more difficult than gaining it. everyday somewhere on this planet  folks come to see the video and articles related to  how can I lose my weight? Why I am becoming unhealthy? How can I quickly lose my weight? Which diet I should follow to lose the unhealthy  weight of my body? Is obesity dangerous? Let me tell you one thing balanced weight can never be achieved in 2 weeks or 3 weeks. You have to work for it. it’s a long term process.  Diet, workout , meals , cardio.  I am going to tell you in detail about everything. Keep reading the article. You will learn a lot about it. Surely , the things you never ever thought about.  So stick to the end people. we will cover the solution of your problem here.

How to lose weight  unhealthy? Easiest way!

Lose weight through unhealthy way actually means you will eat food of your choice and still don’t get fat. but it will lead towards healthy lifestyle. but we cant say that it is unhealthy. personally, I find it healthy .Don’t worry. stick to end, you will get a complete guide.

How to lose weight  unhealthy?

So, if you are unhealthy. I am going to help you to lose your weight unhealthy. It is basically a guide to lose weight but not with the actual steps that we follow. 

These are shortcuts that will take you through amazing views in this journey.

 keep moving;

Don’t just sit there and wait for the things to happen. Try to stay active. Even if you are doing skin care. Don’t  sit, work around your house little bit

The more your body will move, the more you lose your weight.  So, avoid sitting all time.

Meals/ Diet;

When it comes to diet. Everyone starts to loose their mind. Yes, me too! I can do anything but diet aaah  no way.

How to lose weight  unhealthy?

So unhealthy way to lose weight is a magic. You don’t feel like crying everytime you see someone eating pizza , chocolate or drinking soda.

You must be wondering. How is this even possible?

Yes, it is possible.

Portion Control (Pc);

Balance is everything. Portion control is a magic. It works wonders. You will basically eat everything but with some PC portion control. 

How to lose weight  unhealthy?

I will explain it with an example,

Suppose there are many dishes in front of you. your favourite meal. Like





what will you do know? You are already trying to lose weight. 

So, you will go from there without eating anything.

NO, take it easy. Let me help you.

 Add half slice of pizza. 

Quarter of burger.

1 serving spoon of spaghetti.

½ serving spoon of lasagna in your plate.

How to lose weight  unhealthy?

And here, you go. Eat it. enjoy it and still no more weight gain.

Try to eat in small portions of food  after every 2  hour.

-Eat nuts 3-4.

-Eat an apple.

-Drink fresh juice.

-Eat salad.

-Eat sandwich.

If you eat in small portion. you will not be hungry all time. Half portion of your stomach will be full. Then you eat your meal. You will not gain weight

And with your everyday 8 minute workout you will eventually loose weight through unhealthy methods.


Fancy meals;

Fancy meals are so attractive. Even if you are just eating a salad. Make it nicely


-Cooked  / steamed small chicken cubes





-Salt , pepper , red chili flakes.

How to lose weight  unhealthy?

If salad is presented this way instead of spinach and cucumber just sitting there waiting for you to eat them.  I am sure everyone can eat it without making bad faces.


Try to clear your paths. If you find something hard, make it easy.

 Don’t be so hard on yourself. try to do it the way you like it.



Make drink that tastes great.

-Cut an apple

-Add water , sugar , salt in it

-And grind

-Yes, we made an apple juice here.

-Add  cold green tea in it.

This green tea mixed with apple juice is far better than a simple green tea.

You can replace apple with orange, pomegranate , peach  or other fruits of your choice.



You can also eat your desserts but with Portion control.

– Otherwise, you wont lose your weight.

– Bake cake of wheat flour, Barley flour instead of refined flour. 

-With half of total sugar.

How to lose weight  unhealthy?

Eat it. and don’t leave your exercise ever.


With this guide , you can loose your weight easily. Trust me portion control is the best thing for you. No matter you are a kid, teen , adult or 60 + old man/ women.

It will control your obesity, blood pressure , bad skin problems.

And with 8 minute workout. your body will become strong and you will start losing weight. Trust the process. 

How to lose weight  unhealthy?

Weight loss is a journey. Be happy about your journey And in this journey, consistency, mindset is vey necessary. Make your  journey enjoyable not  depressing . follow this and let me know if you want more about weight loss unhealthy ways.

Why exercise is necessary

We all heard from our childhood that playing games , sports is good. It will make you strong.  Physical exercise makes you fit. This is not a fuss. It is the reality. Exercising is like taking care of your body.

Your body will respond to it. if you do exercise every day. it will make you happy. 

It is scientifically proved that happy hormones are released as a result of exercise. So one should always do exercise. No matter  what happens.

Exercise time;

There is no specific time according to me for anything. If you feel like you want it  do it then and there. Don’t wait. Just go for it. don’t pay attention to what time it is.

Warm up your body and start doing cardio or workout whatever you like.

Don’t take  it as burden;

If you really want to lose your unhealthy weight. Don’t think that exercise is hectic, boring or is a burden. Its all your mind game.

How to lose weight  unhealthy?

 Enjoy it. add something fun in your workout to make it more enjoyable.


Workout without equipment;

This workout is the best thing you need to try if you are a person who don’t need a very healthy diet or exercise and proper meal plans.  You should go for this workout.

It is literally the best workout

How to lose weight  unhealthy?


-No equipment  required

-Only 8 minutes of workout

-Full body workout.

Everyday do 8 minute workout. I know for lazy people or people who don’t like to do workout, this strategy is great. You just need 8 minutes not even 10 complete.

 Includes following exercises

start your workout with the effective exercise.

jumping jacks ;

 easiest exercise one can do. Do this for just for half minute. And take a deep breath.  Rest for a while

Butt kicks;

best exercise for fat on legs back.

Squat jumps;

Another amazing exercise for strengthening your legs and hips.  You can do it for like 5 minutes only. Come on you can absolutely do it . it is the easiest workout guide.

Plank walkout;

You may call it a walk downs  or a plank walkout.  Personally, I really like it. it is a fun activity for me.  Do it with your partner as a game and winner will do anything kind of game.

Mountain climbers;

You just need to act like you are climbing a mountain. Do it for 10 times only

 Elbow plank;

hold your whole body on weight of your elbows. In this one you don’t need to move at all.

Russian twists;

Relax on your mat. Sit while bending knees and move your body in accordance with your joined hands from left to center and center to right.

Left – center – right – center –left

Follow this for at least 10 times

Raised leg crunches;

Raise your legs . and do crunches while raising them.

So, this is the end of your workout. just 8 minutes are required for these super easy exercise that will only take 1 minute or probably half minute of yours

Half minute will be reserve for rest.

Do this effortless  workout everyday and cut off unnecessary weight.








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