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How to have a healthy relationship

Well, when it comes to relationships it’s a very complicated yet intriguing topic. The relationship is just like a game of gambling. If you get a good partner, everything seems like heaven but unluckily if u get someone who is immature, everything turns out against you. 

Strong connections are built on three things respect, trust, and love. Any relationship can work out if there is respect and mutual understanding. A healthy relationship can reduce your stress and elevate your confidence and boost your mood. 

According to surveys, people with sound connections have healthier and happier lives and they are more successful in their lives as well. An encouraging and supportive partner can make you the most successful person in the world. Apart from being successful, satisfaction and peace of mind are what you get from a healthy relationship.

 The following tips can be applied to build a strong connection.

1. Keep assumptions wise.

 No one is perfect in this world and perfection can’t be attained by human beings. A healthy relationship means accepting the flaws of your partner and cope up with them. Loving someone means loving them as they are. 

2. Communicate with each other. 

Communication is the most important thing in a relationship. Talking can solve many misunderstandings. Because when you talk your heart out, those misunderstandings resolve which were the roots of an unhealthy relationship. Give time to your partner. Listen to your partner. Listen to what’s bothering them. Find the solution together. Satisfy your partner emotionally and mentally. Try to understand their point of view. What’s irritating them, listen to it and try to help them out. Show your concern towards your partner. Never leave them alone when they are worried. And sharing your worries and problems with each other make the bond stronger and stronger. The more you satisfy your partner’s emotional needs, the more he is closer to you. 

3. Be labile.

Always try to change those habits which are bothering your partner. A good partner should be flexible enough to leave his bad habits or immature behaviors to save his relationship. I have seen one-sided efforts and another person is just loving in words, not in actions. Efforts should be done on both sides. That’s how the relationship works.

4. Be reliable

The relationship doesn’t need only be physical. It requires emotional satisfaction as well. No one wants to be emotionally disturbed while being in a relationship. It is useless to be in a relationship where you feel insecure and alone. If someone trusts you, respect it. Never cheat them. This is the stage where many relationships die because broken trust can’t make things the way they were before. Be there for your partner. Be reliable. When your partner needs you, you should be there for them. 

5. Argumentations in relationship

I won’t say that there are couples who have never had an argument. Fights happen between couples but some fights lead to a breakup. Most connections have some rivalry. Couples should act as the pillar for each other and they should be happy for each other when they attain something. Jealousy and revenge get you nothing.

What should be done after an argument

Cool down before talking. The discussion about the argument is additional helpful once your anger has calmed down. Thus you shouldn’t say anything that you would possibly lament later.

Use “I explanations.” Share however you’re feeling and what you would like while not allocating fault or intentions. 

Keep your language clear and specific. Tell me what has irritated you. keeping aloof from analysis and judgment. Assault the problem, not the individual.

Focus on the problem. If you are having problems communicating. Then you should make your partner believe that the same thing won’t be repeated. And try to solve the problems one by one. 

Assume liability for botches. Apologize presumptuously when you have done something wrong. It goes more towards fixing than breaking. 

We perceive a couple of problems that don’t seem to be effectively tackled. Not all distinctions or troubles are settled. Sometimes things get worse than they can damage your personality because some things like cheating, careless behaviors, rude behavior, and emotional and mental abuse change you overall. At this moment you should respect yourself enough to leave at once. It’s very insane to be in a toxic relationship. Love yourself before loving someone else.

The goals of Gottman Method Couples Therapy are to disarm conflicting verbal communication; increase intimacy, respect, and affection; remove barriers that create a feeling of stagnancy, and create a heightened sense of empathy and understanding within the context of the relationship.

8. Keep your life adjusted

 Others can assist us in creating our lives but they cannot address every issue. Hunt what intrigues you and gets stuck in your mind. There are many relationship consultants who can help you with having a healthy relationship.

9. Invest in your relationship

It’s associate degree interaction. It seems like everyone is close to us and associated with us, but most of us share worries regarding fitting in and being synchronic with others. It needs some investment to make people yours. A strong bond can be established,

10. Be the one who you really are


I have seen those relationships work where you are true to yourself and your partner. You shouldn’t be manipulative to attain your partner’s sympathy or love. Be natural. Be honest with your partner and it’s the most attractive trait any man can possess.

  Always remember relationship works when efforts are put in from both sides. Respect and love are all you need to have a healthy relationship. Respect includes respect on all levels whether it’s a partner’s friends, parents, hobbies, or liking. 



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