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Home remedies for skin care

In this article, we will be discussing about  skingame. How to get clear skin? What to eat to get clear skin? Cut off toxins. We will tell you the Secrets to get the clear skin. The truth behind beauty products. I will provide you remedies that proves best in terms of skin texture. If you are a fan of skin care or it is your top priority, you should definitely stick to end to find out about Home Remedies for skin.


Home Remedies For Skin

 -Importance of good texture

– Skin is a very important part of us. Probably, the first thing someone notices in you. 

– Good skin is the real game. It is not easy to get a good texture of the skin.

Make it a priority;

– With some work , effort. One’s skin can glow and look fantastic

home remedies for skin care

Boost confidence

– It makes you look confident, healthy and glowing.


No insecuirities;

Many people are insecure about their skin. Good skin helps you overcome that.

Its not always a naturally glowing thing. You can end this insecurity by working on it




No skin care means;

You don’t care for it

You don’t appreciate it

You don’t love it

– you are not confident about it.

Important steps:

Some simple steps are necessary like


1. Cleansing


2. Scrubbing


3. Masks


4. Moisturizing



These are the most crucial things to consider when doing any skin care. 



1. Home remedy;

home remedies for skin care

First remedy I will be discussing includes a face mask. Which includes the ingredients you will always find in your house.


1. Gram flour (4tbsp)

2Honey (2tbsp)

3. Turmeric (1/2 tsp)

4. Yogurt (2 tbsp)

5. Rose water (1tbsp)


Combine all the ingredients. You can increase the quantity depending upon how much you need it.


Steps ;

Follow these simple steps.


1. Wash your face with facewash.



2. Use a brush to apply this mask.



3. Let it dry for atleast 30  minutes.


4. Use 1 tbsp of milk and apply it in circular motion on mask on your face.


5. Wash it.



6. Use tissue paper to dry it.


7. Apply lotion/ serum.


8. Spray rose water.




You will see results instantly.

Your face will shine. 

Pinkish glow on your skin appears.




– Turmeric has amazing properties that will work against oxidants in your skin. It works as an Anti- Oxidant. 



We all are familiar with what wonders honey can provide. It is an excellent source of glow.



The smoothness, softness will come with yogurt. It will make your skin elegant.


Rose water;

home remedies for skin care

Everyone is mad for it. it works great. It will give a veryfine results with pinkish glow.


2. Another remedy; ( easiest )

This includes coffee as  its major ingredient.  It is an amazing mask. It requires little amount of everything. And results are greater. It is easy to made.



1. Coffee (2 tbsp)


2. Honey (1tbsp)



3. Turmeric (1/2 tsp)



4. Aloe vera gel 2 (tbsp.)






-Mix all ingredients.


– Make a paste. 


-Apply on skin.


-Let it dry for atleast 20 minutes.

– Then wash it with cold water. 



It will result in skin tightening, glow and whitening. 


home remedies for skin care



Coffee has remarkable properties. 


Caffine in coffee is responsible for glowing skin, tightening.


It reduces inflammation in skin.


Promotes blood flow.


-Tightens skin.


Another remedy;

Apply this on night.

For this  

-Use any simple cream 

-aloe vera gel 

-Vitamin E oil or a vitamin E capsule.

Apply this at night with your hands. Left it overnight and wash your face in the morning with face wash.



It is very important step. 

Do this twice a week

Apply lotion on your face. 

Use cotton to remove dirt from face.

You will see  cotton with dead skin embedded on your face.


2. Scrubbing


-Use any scrub to remove dead skin cells


-Apply scrub for 20 minutes 


-Then scrub against your skin.


-It will give you glow 


-Your pores will open


-All dirt will move away



Masks will  comes after scrubbing.


Will close the pores 


Give you final glow


Makes your skin smooth.




Moisturisation is extremely important.

-Makes skin soft

-Don’t let skin to dry







Love your skin;

Always love your skin no matter your age, colour, height etc.

home remedies for skin care

NO racism ;

It should never matter what your actual skin colour is . either its brown, black , yellowish , dusky , white , medium. 


Feel confident;

For me every colour is attractive as long as you take care of it. and feels confident about it. 


Say NO to cakey makeup;

Loving skin doesn’t means that you apply loads of makeup. No, I am not a team no makeup. But less is more 


Skin feels better than makeup;

But trust me clear skin feels  million times better than makeup you wear everyday


Try to make your skin so glowing that you don’t need to wear loads of makeup. 



Parts to take care of;

When we talk about skin we don’t talk only in reference to face. It includes your




Arms, elbow


underarms , legs and what not


People don’t pay heed to them. 


As a result, we see many white faces with black necks. So avoid it. it looks worse.


Say NO to Whitening Creams;

Everyone rushes towards the creams that includes lots of steroids , chemicals , instant whitening agents. These are the worst thing you do for your skin trust me. 


What is the point of instant whitening if it vanishes over night.Don’t go for these products that cause ageing , pimples , wrinkles. Always put home remedies on top of the list. 




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