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Happiness is all that’s matters to you only

Happiness is an emotional state characterized by sentiments of delight, fulfillment, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Yeah! That’s what happiness is. Stick to an end to know more about this.

Happiness is all that’s matters to you only

Most of us think that happiness is all that’s the matter with money is everything and it can buy us happiness but what in case of money falls flat to buy happiness for you?? Happiness is all matter only to you it’s only in your hands.

We are very greedy about the things and people who are close to us. We just believe that only they are making us happy, Greed doesn’t continuously have to do with money, and it is indeed more awful when it has got to do with happiness. Since you are starting to begin building your happiness on the misery of others.  

Happiness is all that’s matters

What is the common myth about happiness is all that matters?

I thought that happiness is all that mattered to me, was achieving appreciation for my work from my family, cherish once, and companions. But for that, I’ve to depend on others. I began to anticipate when I did something great that so, somebody needs to appreciate me for whatever I did, and when they didn’t that makes me pitiful.

I realized that happiness stands for all the experiences that are presently giving you joy, they notice all your emotional secrets which are in your encompassing and that lead you to expectations.

Believe me, the worst thing in this world is expecting something from someone. People don’t live up to your expectations. They sometimes disregard to do their chosen work so, how can you imagine that they’re able to fulfill your desire.


You don’t need any person, Appreciation and materialistic things all are temporary there is no one path to happiness. Only you can appreciate yourself. Happiness is something that is cultivated daily there is a beautiful statement by Allen Lazar

        For me to find true happiness, I must stop trying to make everyone else happy

It doesn’t imply that you simply Stop doing great you should keep doing good deeds with others since this moreover leads you to happiness because when your soul feels unwind naturally you’re going to feel upbeat.

Happiness is all that’s matters

Things You Need to Know

Happiness is all matters with your choice/interest. Don’t stick to that job that isn’t giving you delight. Do the work which gives you peace and Happiness, do something in which you are interested. 

Generally, that one individual whom you’re considering is your true love and you’re living with that person, so long but if you feel that you don’t feel pleased with that person let that person be free,

Trust me you’ll be happily able to drive your possess car not continuously you wish a driver for that

What You Should Do

  • Be your lover, and best friend, and take care of yourself.
  • If you keep yourself happy you will be able to keep others happy as well.
  • Do whatever makes you feel happy.
  • Keep finding your happiness until you feel satisfied.
  • Do not stick to toxic things take a step out from it and believe me you can do it!

You need to See happiness in little things and be thankful for what you have stop rushing things takes time all your wishes will come true one day, Just be patient and love yourself when you wake up every morning give yourself one treat daily, listen to your self

Happiness is all that’s matters

 Acknowledge the unhappy moments

 Life is full of ups and downs. There are many unhappy and stressful things that you need to face and stop avoiding. Everything is temporary nothing will remain permanently and your stress will be overcome soon.

Perks of happiness

  • For their biological age, happier people have healthier and younger cells.
  • Happier people have a better immune system and are less likely to become infected. 
  • Happy people have a lower risk of having a heart attack.
  • Vagal tone rises with happiness, and sympathetic and parasympathetic activity is balanced. 
  • Physical activity is more disciplined among happier persons.
  • Happiness reduces activity in the pain network of the brain.
  • When you are happy, the people around you are happy as well.
  • Positive emotions help to extend one’s thinking and increase creativity.
  • Productivity rises when people are happy.
  • Happiness has been linked to longer life spans in numerous studies.
  • If you stay happy you will enjoy your work as well. 
Happiness is all that’s matters

 The opposite of being happy causes a lot of physical and mental damage if you are ready to welcome positivity in your life. Just get up say bye to your depression and start the very first thing you love to do.


Happiness is simply a long way in which no matter a lot of hurdles come but you don’t need to stop your way. You just need to keep going and love yourself self-happiness is all that matters is what you think about yourself. Be thankful for what you have and stop chasing. See dreams and work hard to make them complete but for this, face all the things smilingly appreciate your self and keep going. if you keep yourself happy you will surely enjoy every task of your life including your job. 

Let me know if you agree with me? And tell me what the reason for your happiness is and what you do to stay positive.



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