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Glowing skin is the dream of every girl

The best investment is the skin-vestment 

Glowing skin is the dream of every girl. Glass skin is defined as one that is glowing, spotless, and clear. But sometimes weather, stress, or hormonal imbalance affects our skin a lot. Most of the girls face the problem of dark circles as well.  But not to worry girls here are the 8 tips to get glowing skin.

Glowing skin is the dream of every girl

Cleanse your skin daily

It’s a fundamental step to healthy skin. Rinsing the debris, oils, and dirt particles cleanse the clogged pores and lets the skin breathe which will in return gives you glowing skin. Cleansing should be done twice, in the morning and at night. You can use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and it’s the one experts suggest as well. I am also a huge lover of this product as it leaves skin supple with drying it out.

Another best face wash is La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser. The dermatologist also recommends this gentle on the skin and hydrating cleanser which removes sebum and makeup while enhancing the skin barrier.

You can also go for a natural remedy for cleaning impurities from the skin. 

You can use

  • 1Tbsp of milk
  • a pinch of salt

If your skin is sensitive use just milk to cleanse your face.


Exfoliate means cleaning from the surface to deeper layers. Exfoliation removes the dead skin which will help in getting glowing skin. This step helps you a lot in improving the whole texture of your skin. Scrubbing can be done twice a week. Always choose a good exfoliator that is gentle on your skin. According to facialist, Adeela Crown, never over-exfoliate your skin as it will damage your skin. She recommends slow exfoliation and it will deprive your skin of healthy skin cells. Always use high SPF to exfoliate skin because the skin becomes defenseless to UVA

According to dermatologists, Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is the best exfoliant. It is a rice powder-based exfoliant. And we all know rice powder is well known for skin lightening and glowing agents. you can go for a home remedy which is

  • 1tbsp Sugar
  •   ½ TSP honey

to exfoliate dead skin. It will give you the soft skin of the baby.

Hydrate your skin  

Always moisturize your skin which will also help in getting radiant skin. Using a moisturizer is like we are watering our skin. The best moisturizer as far I have experienced is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel always remember never to forget to use sunscreen as it will protect your skin and the best sunscreen is Loreal Paris Revitalift Bright Reveal SPF 30 which has glycolic acid and vitamin C which is good for skin brightening.

Glowing skin is the dream of every girl

Niacinamide and vitamin C 

You can use B3 serum which is also known as niacinamide it helps in keeping your skin younger and radiant. You can see the huge difference in days and the best B3 serum is The Ordinary. You can use vitamin C serum along with niacinamide. It will change the whole game of your skin regime. Vitamin c is best known as a skin lightening and brightening agent. Most dermatologists recommend Skin Ceutical C E Ferulic to which they have given the standard of jewel. 

Drink a lot of water 

Have you heard people saying to drink water if you are facing any skin problems? It is because water cleanses your body of toxins and contaminants and the face is the index of your health. If you are healthy, your face will be glowing with less effort. Have eight glasses of water a day. You can have detox waters they will clean your body. This is also included in natural remedies to have glowing skin. The most effective which I have tried even is 

  • Take a jug of water
  • 1 sliced cucumber 
  • ½ ginger 
  • Few leaves of mint 
  • 1  sliced lime 

Put everything in the water and leave it overnight in the fridge and have this water throughout the day. You will see a difference in no time. 

Face oil massages 

I have an immense love for massages and face massage is the one that changes the whole game of skin texture. massaging increases the circulation of blood and also reduces acne. You can give an oil massage to your skin before going to bed. just five minutes of massage at night can give you naturally glowing skin. For extra penetrations, you can use Jade Roller. You can rosehip oil from The Ordinary. You can use Almond oil for spots as it clears the spotting even if it is best for dark circles. It is recommended to massage Almond oil under the eyes to get rid of dark circles.

Some of the best oils are 

  • Apricot kernel oil 
  • Almond oil 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Jojoba oil 

 “And as we all know that excessiveness of anything is damaging, so massage your face twice a week.”

Workout day-to-day

Stay active as much as you can. Staying active keeps your blood flowing throughout your body. It’s recommended that you should work out on a daily basis even if it’s for 20 minutes because when you sweat toxins leave your body. It also relaxes you mentally.

” Most of our skin problems are because of stress, depression, and anxiety. Working out is known as the best medication for mental stress”. 

Another benefit of keeping moving is that it makes you look younger and fit.” 

Use toners 

Toners are known for giving skin an instant glow fresh and hydrating look. They help in minimizing pores and making skin look youthful. 

 Skin Recovery Enriched Calming Toner by Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Enriched Calming Toner by Paula’s Choice is considerable for dry and sensitive skin. Rosewater can also use as a toner. Toners are used before moisturizers to balance the PH of the skin. 

Pixi Glow Tonic also has good reviews when it comes to radiant skin.

Use  face masks twice a week 

Face masks are also part of the skincare regime. You can get clear skin by using home remedies as well. Gram flour can be used to get beautiful skin. Gram flour is known for cleaning your skin and giving it a beautiful glow.

  •  2 tbsp of gram flour
  •  1 tbsp of milk/rose water
  •  a few drops of lemon juice
  •   a pinch of turmeric.
Glowing skin is the dream of every girl

 Apply it to your face and let it sit until it dries. Wash with cold water to get cleansed and gorgeous skin.

Masks have magical powers to get radiant skin. You can get a natural glow by using the following masks

Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask

PhytoTarget Complex protects skin from external aspects by enhancing the skin boundary. Vitamins C and E  help reduce dark spots. Phytoplankton extract contains hydrating elements that give a glowing  look to the skin 

 Drunk Elephant T.L.C. 

The Drunk Elephant mask is a blend of AHA and BHA which truly work against built-up dead skin cells. It contains 

  • 25% alpha-hydroxy acids 
  •  2% beta-hydroxy acids

which helps in getting rid of the toughest dead skin cells Niacinamide is another component in this mask that helps in reducing spots and making skin even.




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