-We’re all familiar with the term “gardening.” It’s not a difficult task. A gardener understands why and what he is planting.

– He understands how much water and light are required. Planting trees necessitates some expertise.








-Gardening could be a career or a pastime for you. It brings you joy if you enjoy doing it and if you are a plant lover.


-Plants are extremely important in our lives. People are unconcerned about plants and do not pay attention to them. 

-We should all be aware of the nature of plants and how they contribute to a healthy ecosystem. 

-For your own benefit, various types of flowers, vegetables, plants, and trees should be planted.




Here are some pointers to help you enhance your gardening abilities.


-If you acquire a plant for the first time, do not plant it right away. 

-Wait a week before planting it. It’s because if you remove a plant from its natural environment, it will take a long time to acclimate to your surroundings. 

-As a result, rather than simply moving it from one environment to another, you should devote some time to it.

 -To make it a successful journey, try to follow the steps provided. A few crucial measures

– If you wish to have a garden in your home, you can grow trees, flowers, and fruits. You must be a must be taken. 

-Trust me, you’ll just need a few resources and your plant will flourish.




-The first and most important task is to obtain realistic soil. The one who owns everything 

-Plant growth is heavily influenced by realistic soil choices. There are many different types of soils,

1. soil from garden

2. soil made from compost

3. the sand

4. sand from the river


 -River sand is reported to be high in nutrients, making it an excellent source of plant development.


Garden soil

-The majority of individuals utilise the garden soil that comes with the nursery pot. 

-Take 70% garden soil, 20% composition soil, and 10% sand and mix them together. 

-Take a plastic container and poke three drainage holes in it before covering it with paper. Fill it with prepared dirt and water it. 

-Take your seed, such as coriander or fenugreek seeds, and sprinkle them on the soil. 

Do not use too many seeds, since this may cause overcrowding.

– Add extra dirt and water after that More soil should be added, and it should be watered. 

-After 3-7 days, you’ll notice that they’ve sprouted and their leaves have taken on a rich greenish appearance. 

-After 30 days, Coriander will be visible
  It will take 30 days from start to finish.





-In comparison to a pot where the plant must grow its roots, shoots, fruit, and bloom in it.

-It also has a limited amount of manure, land contains a soil packed with nutrients, organisms, and minerals that collectively stimulate plant development. 

-You can also use commercialised fertilisers to speed up the growth process. NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium) fertilisers must be used.


-Keep in mind that the best time to water plants is after sunset, between 8 and 10 p.m. 

Never, give direct extreme sunlight. Plants can catch fire and then wither and die. 

-When the soil is not damp, it is not required to offer it. It is preferable to water your plants on a daily basis. After two days, water the plants again.



Plants absorb everything and distribute it throughout the plant via their roots and root hairs.

– In the pots, drainage holes must be provided.

– Small pots should have 3 holes, while large pots should have 7-8 holes so that water does not sit on the surface and roots can absorb it and eventually drown.

-Water will eventually evaporate from the stomata of leaves in the form of vapours. The ability to absorb water is greatest in root hairs.



Pots come in two varieties.


1. Pots of soil


2. pots made of plastic


-Both are usable, but soil pots are more dependable than plastic pots since they have extremely small holes in them that store water and do not allow water to stand. 

Plastic pots are attractive, but water may collect in them. The solution is to drill three holes in the drainage holes.



  The qualities of soil should be as follows:


-Only a soil with these characteristics will accelerate growth. The intake of air in a plant is referred to as aeration. Saturated soils provide oxygen to plants.



– Is a sort of gardening that takes place on top of a building. As a result, we refer to it as roof top gardening.

-It can happen in any location, including your home, office, or hotel. On the summit, it provides a fantastic view. That appears to be really refreshing. It’s a good thing.

-People do not take benefit of their roof to its full potential. Usually, they put rubbish there.

-If you don’t have a garden, you can put trees and flowers in a pot. You should absolutely go for a roof-top security system.

8.My personal experience;

-I recommend that you should do it.

-In my house .I’ve also grown coriander. It had been a wonderful experience. After almost two weeks, I added coriander seeds to sand and watered them, and the effects began to emerge

-I felt fantastic, and it was a wonderful experience. I started incorporating it into my meals. It feels fantastic to eat food with fresh greens.

– You should all give it a shot as well. It’s somethingI’d strongly suggest.

-It is also a kind of medication, stress relieving activity. As, plants are part of us. 

-we all are natures part and we are interconnected in many ways. take care of each ones is our duty.

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