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Essentials to Know Before Getting a Tragus Piercing!

Comprehensive Guide on Tragus Piercing For Beginners

Body Piercing – The opening made in the skin by cutting or puncturing a body part is called body piercing.

Purpose: Piercing is made for mostly two reasons. 

1. For implantation

2. For wearing jewelry.

Tragus Piercing  

The human ear is made up of three parts:
  1. Inner Ear 
  2. External Ear
  3. Middle Ear

The tragus is a part of the external ear.

Basically, it’s a projection on the inner side of the external ear. So, piercing in the tragus is called tragus piercing.

How it’s done?

Following are the way in which tragus piercing can be done:

  • Piercing by a Professional

They use a piercing kit or a piercing gun for tragus piercing, similar to the one used for nose or ear piercings.

  • Piercing at Home

It sounds really tough. But trust me, it is not. All you need is a disposable piercing kit, or a pin may be a hijab pin. Yes, you heard it right! It can be easily done with a simple hijab pin too.


  1. First, clean your tragus from outside and inside too. 
  2. Mark the place on the tragus to be pierced and simply push the needle on it.
  3. Within 2-3 minutes, it will be done. 
  4. Don’t forget to clean the equipment you are going to use with Dettol or any other germ-killing liquid. 

After the process, let’s now move to the types of tragus piercing.

Types of Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing is very common these days. Despite its standard piercing, there are multifarious types of it. Repeated ones include.

  • Tragus Piercing
  • Anti- Tragus piercing
  • Double Tragus Piercing 
  • Vertical tragus Piercing 

Have a look at these diverse types. All of them look beautiful in their own ways. They all look stylish and decent. It’s about you. You can choose whatever type you like.


The most common of all types, or you can also call it a standard piercing. It requires only one opening. And then you can wear any jewelry. It looks up to mark.

what is tragus piercing and how its done?


It is a different one. It is not located on the tragus. It is opposite to it. But still considered to be a type of tragus piercing. 


The double tragus piercing is positioned in the same spot as a single tragus piercing, on the flap of cartilage that covers up the ear canal. 

The process for getting a double tragus piercing is virtually identical to getting a single tragus piercing.


This one is of choice. It includes two piercings on the tragus. One piercing is the standard one, while the other vertically on the first one. See the picture to get the idea.

what is tragus piercing and how its done?

How Painful is Tragus Piercing?

Piercing, in general is a painful process. But pain is not temporary. Also, you need to be brave to follow your heart. Only brave people can do it.

When we talk about tragus piercings. We have different observations.

No Pian At All!

People usually experience pain in piercings of any type like nose piercings, ear piercings, or any other kind. But many people experienced zero pain on the tragus. They just feel the little push inside the flesh otherwise, it’s all good.

Extreme Pain!

Then there is another team that experienced their pain receptors very well. So, we can say that it depends upon people. We can give the final results. You either experience it or not.

Jaw Pain!

Another kind of pain is jaw pain. It occurs because a jaw is near to the tragus. If you puncture the tragus part nearest to a jaw. You will end up hurting. Pain will move towards your jaw. 

Make sure to tell the person who is piercing to pierce away from a jaw side. Always be careful about that. One small mistake can cause a lot of trouble.


Bleeding is very normal after piercing. But make sure that you don’t lose too much blood. It will be dangerous. Anyhow, it’s a rare case. If your tragus is infected for any reason. You should not go for piercing. Wait until it comes back to its a normal place.


There is always a time period for pierced parts to heal. Either it’s a nose, ear, or tragus piercing. 8 weeks is the maximum time. Your openings should heal at that time. If it’s not ok, you should probably go and see a doctor.

Different types have different healing times. As for the double tragus piercing and vertical tragus piercing, your time period will be higher than a simple tragus piercing.

We can say that double piercings are equal to double healing time as well as pain.


This is a very old remedy used for healing open wounds cuts on your body. All you need is a:

1. Mustard oil 

2. Turmeric

  • You will mix 1⁄2 tbsp of turmeric in 4 tbsp of mustard oil. 
  • Use cotton swabs to apply it every day on your tragus. 
  • Repeat this process twice a day, and your healing will end soon for sure.

You should always go for homemade remedies when it comes to little wounds. Try to heal it at home. If you don’t see any changes, then you can use another way to cure it.

Other ways to cure tragus piercing

  • You can also use pain killers such as morphine.
  • Pain-killing creams are effective too.
  • Pain-killing gels can also be helpful.
  • Go for anything you think will help such as cold or hot formutation.


Piercing in males is not a new thing. We all know many young boys go for ear piercings such as Zayn Malik, nose piercings, lip piercings, and whatnot. It’s a very common practice in some countries like the United States United Kingdom.

Many follow their celebrities, others just do these things for fun, or they just follow their heart.

So tragus piercing is also seen in males like this one.

Can you wear earbuds with tragus piercing?

Initially, you should avoid it as your wound is fresh. Wait for it. Then you can wear earbuds, headphones, whatever you like. Don’t wear oversized jewelry; it will irritate you while wearing headphones. You will not be able to wear them properly.

Tragus piercing & weight loss 

Another most asked question is, does tragus piercing cause weight loss? To be honest, there is no logic behind it. Just opening a body part can’t cause weight loss. 

As this opening is tiny. It can’t help you lose weight. No weight loss hormones generate on piercing your tragus. It’s all misconception that doesn’t make sense at all.

Celebrities With Tragus Piercing 

Many people wonder whether it’s appropriate to copy a celebrity’s looks, including piercings. The answer is that it’s fine as long as you’re not harming yourself or others. Fans are especially interested in the tragus piercings performed by their favorite celebrities.

 So we’ve provided a list of some of those famous celebrities below. We hope you find it useful.

1. Scarlet Johanson

Scarlett Johansson showed off her eight ear piercings including two helix cartilage piercings, one tragus, three stud upper lobe piercings, one frontal cartilage, and one earring.

2. Rihanna 

Rihanna has two piercings close together on her left earlobe: one piercing is in the crease of her ear and another is slightly farther up, though still below the area where an earring usually sits.

There are many other celebrities too, but this should not be one’s concern. instead of following them, follow your heart. Go for it only if you want it and you feel like you can handle this and nail it.

Tragus piercing cost

 It doesn’t cost too much. It varies In different countries. It can vary from $20 to 60$. It may cost less in other countries.

Tragus piercing itchy

It is absolutely normal to have an itchy tragus after piercing. It can become red and swollen too. Don’t panic; it is normal. By treating it will cream or remedies, you will get rid of itchiness too.

Despite e if its itchy or it costs much still tragus piercing is most trending in fashion these days. so when are you getting one?



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