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Emergence Of Information Technology During Covid-19 Era


The word information technology is not new to anyone especially, at that time when the whole world is dependent on it. Previously, everything was going with the flow. Unfortunately, the covid-19 pandemic had come and it shut all the world in the blink of an eye. No one could go outside for work and most people even lost their livelihood. Information technology emerged in this pandemic situation and made its place in almost every sector. Here, I am gonna discuss how information technology played its role during a covid-19 pandemic.

Influence Of Covid-19 on Information network

The information technology industry emerged so quickly because, after the pandemic situation everything was falling apart. There are restrictions everywhere that no one can go outside for work or socialize. But, work is necessary for money. Certain advancements were made for the safety of mankind and people were allowed to work from their homes. 

Covid-19 made life so difficult not just physically but mentally also. It’s not less than a nightmare and makes life so unpredictable. Each and everything was badly affected by its consequences. We are only left with hope in the form of the information technology field. Its influence was a blessing for us.

Challenges Faced By Information Technology During Covid-19

The whole world is still facing challenges due to covid-19. No one knows better when these challenges are gonna end. Anyways, covid-19 made the whole world stop but, how can anything stop? It’s a difficult thing to lock down and just gonna sit in houses and have fun. On the other hand, how to tackle this global pandemic? Many kinds of research and discoveries were made in the IT sector.

Covid-19 pandemic was not faced by a single or few countries but worldwide. Some countries had a proper health care system with proper management then what about those countries that didn’t have proper health care facilities. Different health organizations had to maintain the outcomes of the pandemic for that a good connection was necessary to collaborate worldwide. The technologies that emerged to tackle the covid situation are;


                                Blockchain, AI, 1oT, and Big Data Analysis

These technologies worked with different social media platforms to find the results and outcomes of the covid-19 pandemic.

The World Health Organization(WHO) wants that the knowledge should be done perfectly so health workers can get the best and fair results and for that information technology is the only option that would provide a better connection with the outer world.

Mental health is the biggest challenge faced throughout the covid-19 pandemic. To deal with human psychological behavior IT helps a lot.

To Manage Covid-19 pandemic through Information Technology

Whenever the situation gets out of control, just think about how to manage this outbreak. It’s just the beginning, not the end, don’t get upset, take things positively. For that, management is the best policy.

Information technology helps so perfectly to manage that outbreak. Following are the categories IT helped to manage;

  • Diagnosis

  • Epidemic trends

  • Mobile vaccination centers 

  • To specify the lockdown areas

As we discussed earlier, different technologies emerged and these technologies facilitated the managing process so smoothly.  

Importance Of Information Technology In Different sectors

The covid-19 has changed the structure of the earth. Our earth went through the most disturbing period because everyone was stuck in their homes. People lost their earnings and students cannot go to school. So it can be that there is no future at all in our minds. Mental destruction is on one hand and covid-19 on the other hand. 

Mandatory steps were taken at the IT level to maintain equilibrium in the working environment. Employees were allowed to work from home, which would benefit both workers and owners. The Health system needs to be upgraded for proper updating in that pandemic. Most importantly students were the most affecting ones in the pandemic because education loss cannot be fulfilled. 

There are many sectors in which information technology has played a significant role to demolish the negative outcomes of covid-19. Here I am going to explain a few of them.

Health Care Sector

Covid-19 is a disease and it is directly linked to the health care sector, not all countries have a well-developed health care system or facilities. Underdeveloped and undeveloped countries still do not have proper checks and balances regarding health facilities. 

Unfortunately, covid-19 had destroyed the health care sector of developed countries too. Information technology worked as a blessing for all of us, we can’t deny it. 

  • It helped in the testing of covid-19 patients. Proper systems were maintained to record the numbers of covid-19 patients throughout the world.

  • It helped in the functioning of isolation centers and anyone can find it through the internet rather than to go and find some.

  • It provided modern facilities in hospitals.

  • The establishment of vaccination centers is no less than a heavy task. Why should someone worry if information technology can help them, which is growing day by day? Anyway, it helped a lot in that matter. 


Education Sector

Education is the streamlining for future development. Covid-19 affected it so badly, but the government had to take strict decisions for the safety of children. They wanted to save children from infection because they are not able to fight that battle. Hustle and bustle were everywhere and children were only thinking about what’s going around. They didn’t have anything to do at home. Then, information technology played a significant part to innovate new educational concepts for home-based learning for the students.

Digitalization of education has delivered education effectively. At least, children have something to do for them, that age is the best time for learning. Passed time never comes again, so they cannot sacrifice their future due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The use of digital media for education platforms is not only for pandemic periods. It can be a better way to transfer education after the covid-19 pandemic. 

Industrial Sector

Like others, covid-19 also affected employers inefficiently. People lost their jobs, having a strict lockdown everywhere owners have other issues because they lost their connections to the outer markets. So here comes digital marketing to grow your business impressively, only possible because of information technology. During that pandemic, businessmen grew their business a lot. It also helped the employers to work from home. Maybe a better way to control the covid-19 outbreak.



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