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Disorganized attachment theory – Do you know about disorganized attachment?

Disorganized attachment theory

Everybody has a constant desire to grab attention. Some like it in a more heavy manner whilst some just wish to have it for some times in their lives especially at the time of distress.

Likewise, the attachment could be categorized into two types namely “organized” and “unorganized”. 

The organized one can be taken as for some reasons like to need attention at the time of distress.

While the unorganized one means to ask for attention each and every time, in spite of the attention at the sad times.

First of all, we have to know about disorganized attachment in order to discuss the theory so let us proceed with the article to know it in a better way.

Do you know about Disorganized attachment?

One might be linking it to the psychological aspects when they come to hear this terminology and yes you got it right. It is definitely!

Any condition is assigned to be in a category of psychological disorder or disturbance if it is unusual then normal state of conditions.

Likewise, the term disorganized attachment exhibits itself in a different way both for children and adults, thereby we are going to discuss these in an exactly different way both for the children and the adults.

So, if you think that any of your beloved ones is suffering from this condition then do follow the article till the end to develop an understanding regarding this condition.

Disorganize attachment theory

Disorganized attachment in children and infants

The children and infants both can be seen to depict the symptoms of disorganized attachment in their different way. Hence, let us discuss these, one by one by different symptoms of indication.

Now, when you hear this terminology all your mind wants to know what would be like, what are the early symptoms of indication?

Yet below grants you an answer to this question.

Early symptoms of indication in infants

The newborns can be the ones who got to be suffered from such a sort of condition but the indication symptoms in them are comprised of the following.

  • Infants can be seen to exhibit frequent or continuous crying. Though an infant has a habit of crying, the ones being showing it at an abnormal rate can be the ones who have been suffering from it.

  • The caretakers of infants can observe it easily. As, if the infant develops the attachment with the caretaker and for the others, there is the observance of a crying behavior then it is a certain fact that the infant has gotten early symptoms of disorganized attachment.

Early symptoms of indication in Children

Children have seen to exhibit a habit of asking for attention more than the infants or any other age group as they can speak about what they feel or like, unlike others. So for that reason, they develop a disorganized attachment at an unobvious rate. Hence, the following are the indicatory symptoms in them.

Attachment in children

Early symptoms of indication

  • Children cry at an abnormal rate but along with it they also become uncontrollable. This state of the act can easily help you to diagnose the behavior.

  • Fear of being deprived can be observed in the children. If they represent this act in their every act and even in some normal thing then it can easily be said that they have been suffering from such a psychological disorder.

  • Clinginess behavior becomes their casual routine. They easily develop an emotional understanding with even their toys or their favorite persons. This kind of condition has been seen to be unstoppable in many cases.

  • They have been shown the behavior of enmity, jealousy, and dislike ness for the ones to whom they represent disliked behavior, as well as they, do not develop a better understanding with their fellows of the same age group.

Disorganized behavior of attachment in adults

You might be wondering after hearing this term that Can adults be the ones suffering from this behavior?. 

So the answer to your question is “Yes”.

If others can be suffered from this disorder, so why don’t the adults?. Therefore, let us see some early symptoms of indication for the adults as below.

Disorganized attachment in adults

Early symptoms of indication in adults

  • An increased level of attention stimulus occurs in adults. They often intend to demand attention and disturb others with their actions. This demand has also been seen to be getting increased and uncontrollable in many cases.

  • Self-esteem issues have also been recorded in many cases. The adults seem to get easily low by their actions. They just get easily disturbed by their issues of inferiority complex.

  • Trust issues have also been observed in such individuals. They always consider others a suspect. They can’t rely on anyone due to their habit and for this reason, they often follow problems in relationships.

  • They always go for childlike acts in their behaviors. In many scenarios, it has been observed that either they get too close to an individual or they just follow solidarity, and in many cases a behavior like sometimes getting normal and sometimes getting weird takes place.

Disorganized attachment theory

There is as such no specific and validatory theory that can help to make the disorganized attachment or in other words the attachment perspective be clear from the rest.

But it is obvious that this theory focuses upon the differentiation terms for the “organized” and “unorganized”.

This is basically existing in order to put forward the perspective of attachment to be clear and worth understanding.

It just helps to find out that this theory is coming into existence just in order to provide a clear picture of attachment that is dependent upon the disorganized attachment.

Methods to prevent disorganized sort of attachment

The methods that are existing out are merely emphasized to bring about a sense of understanding among the attachment kind of issue be clear and well understood by the ones who have been suffering from it.

Well, the preventive measures for disorganized attachment are comprised of the following.

A better sense of understanding is one of the forms of attachment!

The issue that resides in the form of attachment exists differently for every age group by a different sort of mechanism, so let’s discuss it one by one to know more about it.

Healing strategy for the children and infants

For the children and adults, the attachment mechanism must be kept confidential in order to prevent them from feeling to get neglected or being deprived.

Children and infants demand thorough care and consideration thereby they must be provided with a great deal in order to protect them from this feeling.

Healing strategy for the adults

The adults are in great need of attention from the rest of other age groups but the thing is they lag at the point of expression.

Hence, adults must be granted attention by their beloved ones or their own family members in order to protect them from getting prey to this attention lagging methodology.

Counseling method for prevention of disorganized attachment

Attachment is a good thing but if it takes the turn of disorganized attachment then it occurs at a dangerous level and so it must be protected in order to have a stable environment for relationships.

Counseling method

Counseling method for every age group

A psychologist or psychiatrist can help in a better way to provide consultation or treatment methods for any age group.

So, one must seek counseling treatment for the better healing of this treatment of disorganized attachment.

For this issue, one must be provided with a consultation method of treatment as per the instructions of your concerned Doctor.



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