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Death and life’s harsh reality

 This article is related to the two important aspects that are life and death. The harsh reality of this world where you will live first and then die later

Death and Life Harsh Reality

Let’s start with what we are here to talk about; the most fundamental aspects of life. But first, let me define this term. Is it a “life and death harsh reality”? Well, no, not all of us are aware of that definition. You know what I mean when I say this term. It covers both living and non-living things. So in short, this term is synonymous with anything else, except for dying. Why? Because life can be seen as a cruel experience, which has nothing to do with death or existence on Earth. But why? How do we get away from that definition? Well, I will tell you one way. To begin with, our environment. Our biology dictates that each animal species needs a certain amount of food, water, temperature, etcetera, so we have no choice but to eat and survive. We also need shelter, safety, love, and companionship. Those are the basic requirements that every animal organism and human being needs.

Life is very important for everyone and everyone loves their life but life has one harsh reality which is called death. Everyone has to accept this harsh reality because it is the bitter truth of everyone’s life. Death is one of the most important parts of everyone’s life. Every human, all animals, and a bird who has their precious life will have to face death.

Death is that harsh reality that will experience by every man, woman, Hindu, Muslim, black and white, and every type of human. Death is that thing that can come at any time, any place, and anywhere even if you have wealth and health. You can’t escape from death even if you can’t stay away from this.

You have to face Death

You have to face Death

Death can come accidentally, immediately, and suddenly even if you are at a mall, on a road, and at a high place. No one can stop his death. We have seen many accidental cases day by day in a newspaper, T.V, and on social media platforms. Many people have to pass this harsh reality day by day and then do not even know that death is waiting for them after some seconds death will suddenly come and all the life which he has passed is suddenly be viewed in front of his eyes.

No one can save any human being from death because it is a reality that everyone has faced. Any wealth, any status, and even his health can’t save anyone from dying. 

Life Is Too Short

We have only four days of life. Only four days!!!!!

It seems that our life has many days and many years but it is not like that. You can see an example of children. Whenever some children come into our world then their life is too short only 10 minutes and 5 minutes and after that, they are dying. You know what is the reason, the reason is that their life is too short they can come into our world but not live in the world.

Similarly, do You know what is the timing of your death???? You do not know and you can’t know because everyone’s life has to write on our fate which no one can deny.

Some people live their life for many years but after so many years you can ask a question that how much you have lived your life then every human will say only for some days and some people say that only four days that’s why life is too short. So do good for others so that your deeds could be good

Life and Death Art

You have seen numerous life and death art before because every life and death art has its journey of life and every life and death painting can show its experience of life. Maybe normal human beings couldn’t recognize this life journey but an artist which is doing that kind of work can describe every painting related to life and death. An artist can describe to you what is hidden in a painting of life and death? You can ask him and if you have a basic knowledge about painting then you can recognize what is the reality of that kind of painting?

But do not worry, I would tell you all about the life and death art or paintings then you can able to understand that kind of painting. Every painting or art shows that you have a precious life but it is not temporary. Life exists for not a long time. It is only present for some time. You don’t think you have a wealthy and healthy life and you can easily survive in this world. That does not happen because everyone has to die or everyone has to face death. 

Death As Life/ Day Of Judgement

Do you want to know what is happening after your death?

I would give you the answer to this question. After death, your soul from your body would be taken. You have to leave your precious ones, your wealth, your health, your apartments or houses which you had built, your everything. You can’t deny this. After your death, you have to stand Infront of god and that is called the day of judgment. Only your deeds would go with you. If your deeds would be good then you would be awarded precious gifts and if your deeds would be worse then the punishment would be given to you for your bad deeds.

An actual and new life starts after your punishment and award. Because of your deeds, you would be awarded by heaven or hell. If your deeds would be good then you would be awarded by heaven and this place would be quite precious for everyone. If your deeds would be bad then would be awarded by hell which is quite bad and a punishment place. So make sure before death your deeds are good so that you would be awarded by heaven. All the above things have described death as life. Death as life describes that after death your long journey of new life is waiting for your death.

Summarize Life And Death Harsh Reality

I hope that you will be able to understand death as life. You have to know what is happening after death. All the things in the world are temporary even your wealth !!!!!. Your death is a bitter reality and you have to accept it and make sure that your deeds would be good or bad on the day of judgment. If you want to go to heaven then do your deeds good otherwise you have to go to hell which is a very bad place and that day you can’t do anything even if you can’t deny that your deeds are not bad because everything from your body would give testimony for your life. Your tongue, your hands, your foot your everything. You can’t tell a lie but

           ” Everybody has to taste death “



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