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Cosmetic Gum Surgery

 The word surgery refers to a medical or dental procedure used to improve any body part. Nowadays surgery is getting more and more popular especially cosmetic gum surgery has the most demand in medical fields.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Cosmetic gum surgery basically refers to a medical or dental treatment used to improve the shape of gums. It will make your smile bright and more attractive. It helps to improve your oral health. This process includes gum supplementation and reduction.

Is cosmetic gum surgery a medical treatment?

Likewise other surgeries in the medical field, cosmetic surgery is also one of the special types of surgery that is used to improve the shape and appearance of your teeth and makes you smile confidently. It is one of the best medical treatments in this modernized world.

Is cosmetic gum surgery beneficial for your teeth?

From the medical point of view, gum surgery is the most appropriate treatment for your teeth. As it makes your teeth good-looking and shinier than before the surgery or treatment.

Save your teeth with gum surgery

Nowadays everyone has issues with teeth because of drinking more carbonated drinks and eating lots of sweets and junk foods so the best way to get rid of all types of teeth problems just chooses the one and only way to save your teeth which is cosmetic gum teeth.

Why do you need gum surgery?

Gum surgery is the most important element in dental treatment. It helps a lot to improve the shape of your teeth so they may look good. It also protects the gums from bacterial infections. It is especially needed when there is space between the teeth and problems related to tissues and jawbones.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

The necessity of cosmetic gum surgery

Cosmetic gum surgery is especially important to those people who are beauty conscious or want to protect their teeth from oral diseases. It is also essential in making your teeth firm.

Gum surgery is necessary for a person who is suffering from gum disease.

Is gum surgery harmful?

As gum surgery provides soo many benefits and relaxation to teeth patients but on the other hand, it is not guaranteed that gum surgery will make your teeth always disease-free.  

Types of cosmetic gum surgery

There are three major types of cosmetic gum surgeries which are nowadays widely used by dentists to improve or resolve tooth problems by the use of modern types of equipment and advanced technology. 

The three main major types of cosmetic gum surgery are mentioned below:

1- Cosmetic Crown Lengthening.

2- Cosmetic Ridge Augmentation.

3- Connective Tissue Grafting.

Cosmetic Crown Lengthening

Cosmetic crown lengthening is the process that is especially used for problems related to gums. It also includes the craving for the gum line to make your smile symmetrical.

Cosmetic Ridge Augmentation

Cosmetic ridge augmentation is basically a process of tooth extraction and it is performed by setting tissues. This process is used to fill the gaps between the teeth and after tooth loss. It is a type of root canal.

Connective Tissue Grafting

Connective tissue grafting is typically a process of resolving problems regarding tissues. It is very helpful in cosmetic surgical gums problems.

It can be categorized into three branches.

1- Autograft

2- Allograft


Healthy teeth after gum surgery

Gum surgery is best for healthy teeth as it is one of the best treatments for people who are suffering from gum diseases. This is the best surgery to make your teeth healthy and smile confidently.

How to get rid of tooth problems?

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Medical and dental technology has advanced in equipment and surgery to make the teeth best and shiny and to get rid of diseases related to teeth.

here are some basic treatments to get rid of tooth problems

1- Flouride treatments

2- Filling 

3- Crowns

4-Root canals

5-Tooth extraction

Gum contouring 

Gum contouring is the cosmetic process of changing the shape of gums. This process is used to cut away extra gums to avoid gummy smiles.

What is cosmetic gum treatment?

Cosmetic gum treatment is basically the process of recontouring and reshaping teeth on the other hand this treatment is also used to make the shape of lips and change the size.

To reduce the size of gums

1- Dental scaling and root planning.

2- Crown lengthening.

3- Removable aligners

4- Surgery

5- Injectible wrinkle relaxer.

6- Lowering the upper lips.

7- Gingivectomy.

Receding gums

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Receding gums means that your gums got back to your teeth. A space will occur between your teeth and gums. Bacteria can enter into these gaps and it will cause more diseases

Causes of receding gums

There are a number of factors that are responsible for receding gums.

1- Bacterial gum infection

2- Genetics

3- Hormonal disorder

4- Insufficient dental care

5- Aggressive tooth brushing

Are you put to sleep for gum surgery?

Gum surgery was completed in 2 hours. The person should be in a condition of sleep or partial sleep during the surgery. The patient of gum surgery needed to be in an unconscious state so that the process would be completed with no interruption and the patient would not feel pain.

How long does gum surgery heal?

Usually healing in this surgery is very quick and gives. Most people are cured in just one or two weeks. You will feel more sensitivity after gum surgery.

How long does gum surgery pain?

Most gum surgery pains almost 2 days. It is not much severe pain. The patient didn’t feel any difficulty. Patients cure more fastly with this surgery.

What happened after gum surgery?

After gum surgery, you will feel cool and different. Your teeth will become strong and firm. Sometimes patients may feel sensitivity to hot or cold items. in the situation of sensitivity, you can use desensitizing toothpaste.

Can gums grow back after gum surgery?

Gums never grow on their own. Gums can be healed by surgical treatments. Through surgical treatment, some of the damaged tissues can be replaced from any other body parts tissues to make your gum grow back. 

Can you talk after gum surgery?

Don’t talk after gum surgery as more talking makes your muscles move in this way your muscles may get stretched so bleeding may occur.

How long after gum surgery can I eat?

Mainly after gum surgery, patients could eat after 14 days of cosmetic gum surgery. You would not be able to eat any solid food like wheat, rice, or any type of cereal.

What to eat after cosmetic gum surgery?

Patients with gum surgery must eat soft fruits as some fruits provide minerals, vitamins, and phosphorus. Vitamin C especially helps in healing gums. You can get all these vitamins from fruits which are more beneficial for your health.

Here are some of the fruits mentioned below.

1- Banana

2- Berries

3- Mangoes 

4- Pears

5- Avocado

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Avoid eating hard and crunchy fruits as they may harm your gums.

Other foods you can eat after gum surgery

Here are some of the foods patients can take after treatment of gum surgery.

1- Yoghurt

2- Omelettes

3- Applesauce

4- Cheese

5- Macaroni

6- Rice

7- Pasta

8- Mashed potatoes

9- Milkshakes

10- Ice cream

11- Pudding

12- Fish

13- Peanut butter

14- Eggs

Cosmetic Gum Surgery


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