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Corgis and Cats – 5 Important Factors you should know about

If you love and want to adopt the different species of cats and dogs together. Then you come to the right place. Here we will discuss that how to keep them safely together.

When you think about keeping Corgis and cat together, you must know about their nature. Corgis and cats both have non-identical creations. But as you know nowadays mostly people keep corgis and cats together Especially in America and it might possible, that they aren’t fully aware of these unrelated species. Let’s just discuss them first.


Corgis are much known for chasing and herding smaller animals. The most positive side of corgis is that they are friendly and playful and they would love to play hunting and chasing games with cats. But it’s all about the bond and how strong it is. Corgis are such intelligent, loving, obedient, and strong-willed dogs. They are not aggressive. They are super loyal and create such strong support for their owners.

Corgis and Cats

Corgis are the working dogs. They may be vulnerable to chasing and barking at smaller creatures. For corgis, the daily walk, chasing, and exercise are really important to keep them happy and cheerful.


Cats normally enjoy their own space. They do not enjoy interruptions. Cats also love to chase some cats are playful as well. All the cat owners will agree on this point that cats are moody. Cats take good care of their exercise and cleaning. Cats provide great social and emotional support to their owners. Cats love this type of company in which they are fully independent to respond.

Can corgis and cats live together?

As defined above both Corgis and cats have different characteristics, but the answer is “yes” you can keep corgis and cats together. Many households have successfully kept both, and they would love to play and spend with one another, but not every type of cat goes well with corgis. There are some cat breeds who can live happily with corgis and maybe feel it a little bit difficult to accept living with corgis.

What cats bread goes well with corgis?

Most of the cats enjoy playing with corgis, but most of the cats are playful. Cats are moody and they may be frightened by the strong-willed behavior of corgis. Let’s just discuss the different kinds of cat breeds in which you can select the best one for your corgis.


Ragdoll is one of the fluffy cats. It is known as a “puppy cat” because they follow its owner from room to room. Ragdoll kittens can be a good choice for corgis because they are friendly and can adjust to the family along with canines as well.

Corgis and Cats


Abyssinians are generally good-natured cats. They can peacefully co-exist with small children, birds, dogs, and even goldfish. It means Abyssinians can go well with corgis.


Bengal Cats are one of the attention seekers. They love spending alone time with their owners. They want all the attention of their owners towards them, So these breeds of cats do not go well with corgis.

Corgis and Cats

American Shorthair

American Shorthair is the best choice and they have no problem with the canines. They enjoy their company.

Japanese Bobtail

These cats have a special love for chasing and ball games. They are surely ideal for corgis.


Siberians are fearless and have such a calm and quiet nature. Just like ragdolls, they adjust very well to all the family members along with dogs because of their playful nature. They also express dog-live behavior.

Norwegian forest

Norwegian forest is much similar to main coon cats. They are a kind, gentle and muscular type of cat. These breeds can live happily with corgis but they need some time to adjust. Corgis can love them because Norwegian isn’t always asking for attention.


Birman is a very easy-going nature. They can live with corgis and other dogs.


The Bombay is such an active cat and they are more attracted to love greeting strangers/visitors. They do like being boss, so maybe you will face a little bit of disturbance with corgis but overall, they can live with dogs.

Corgis and Cats


They usually love playing with dogs. And they are quite entertaining.

Can Persian and Corgis be friends?

Most people love to have a Persian cat because they are so beautiful and have great compatibility with family, they are calm and love to be on your lap. They don’t like to be alone in the house for a long time. They don’t usually fight. Persian goes well in the multi-cat house.

However, when we talk about a dog it depends on the dog. If the dog is calm and friendly and doesn’t bother a Persian cat they can live happily. But aggressive and playful dogs create anxiety in Persian cats. If we talk about corgis and Persians both have bossy touch and corgis are very energetic for Persians.

I do not find it comfortable to keep a Persian cat and a corgi dog together. If you have both pets you must check on their behavior.

Corgis and Cats

Which should you get first between Corgis and Cats?

There is no particular answer to this statement. The older cats feel difficult to leave their comfort zone, and the kittens are the ones who can adjust to a new household easily. It is easy for you to adopt an adult corgi instead of puppies. But if you must want a corgi as a puppy then get one before the cat, so that you can train and guide the puppy. Adult and young both can have great compatibility with cats but they need their time with you and also training is really important if you will have to bring the cat.

If you are ready to face a challenge, so you can adopt both Corgis and cats at the same time. However, for this, you need to be on your toes. This is challenging for you and you need to spend most of your time with them. So that you can give equal love and affection to both the puppy and kittens if grown with one another. They can end up building such a great bonding.

Corgis and Cats

What should you do to keep a balance between your corgis and cats? 

  •  Never bring your first pet to the shelter.
  • Both the Corgis and cats must be kept separated until they become a good friend.
  • Keep eye on them and make sure that their first interaction must be under your supervision.
  • Try to make them work together to stimulate each other’s minds.
  • Give them a prize together.
  • Spend equal time to avoid jealousy between them.
  • Give them food separately.
  • Keep both pets happy.
  • Take your dog for a walk when your cat falls asleep. Or if you can’t hire a pet walker. 
Corgis and Cats

These are the things you have to look up. Once your corgis and cats are comfortable those each other no doubt you will go to enjoy a lot of love and affection from both the pets and surely, they will provide great entertainment to you. 



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