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Causes of red veins on eyelids

This article is related to health problems people face. Red veins on eyelids are a common issue in people above 30. Stick to end to find more of it.

Causes of red veins on eyelids

Causes of red veins on eyelids

Before we get into the causes of the problem, First, discuss the red veins on eyelids. The upper portion of your eye is called the upper eyelid. When you blink upper and lower eyelids together, closure of the eye takes place. Sometimes veins in the eyes or eyelids stick out in distinctive ways results causing spider veins on eyelids.

Variations in veins color

 Your eyes play a huge role as a facial feature. This feature plays a significant role. You might have seen people with prominent veins on eyelids. Either they are purple veins, purple lines on eyelids, blue eyelids, red veins on eyelids, red lines eyes all are similar to each other. Variations in colors are the results of variations in skin tones due to different pigmentation and genes. So, it does not matter either your veins are red, blue, or purple.

Why are my eyelids so Veiny?

This question is asked frequently by people. It is not a rare trait. There can be many reasons for veins eyelids. However, the etiology/causes include

Etiology/Causes of eyelid veins

There are multiple causes of veins on eyelids.

1. Aging

The number one factor we all experience is Age factor that contributes prominence of your eyelids. Aging refers to becoming old. The process starts to take place in your early 30’s around 25 years of your age. The body slows down. Blood pressure increases incline body posture, more wrinkles, less efficiency to respond to body, bulging veins on eyelids.

2. Insufficiency of blood circulation in veins

This condition is called Venous (Venous system) insufficiency, also known as (CVI) Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Blood circulation does not take place properly and results in eyelid veins being swollen. 

3. Unhealthy way of life

An Unhealthy lifestyle accelerates health problems in life. Many people are healthy physically, mentally, emotionally until they acquire an unhealthy way of life such as smoking, drugs, unhealthy diet, Anorexia Nervosa. They have catastrophic results.

 4. Exposure to UV rays

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation for a long time can cause veins eyelids. UV rays are powerful. They tend to tear down tissues in the skin’s dermis, causing red veins on eyelids, wrinkles, sunburn. 

5. Hypertension

Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure. In this condition, pressure among the blood vessels is increased. Blood constantly flows from the heart to body parts and works scarcely results in broken capillaries on eyelids and red veins on eyelids appear Your blood pressure should be normal.

6. Expansion of blood vessels

Eyes react to something, which causes inflammation that leads to the enlargement of blood vessels on eyelids and in the eyes, causing squiggly veins in the eyes.

7. Rubbing

Causes of red veins on eyelids

Rubbing your eyes can cause veins to become prominent under and over your eyes.

Why these factors are responsible for swollen eyes – Reasons

There is an entire reason behind these factors, which induces veins in eyelids. 

Why aging causes the purple line on eyelids?

Aging results in skin, veins, capillaries thinning. The Epidermis started to lose its elasticity, and skin became loose and slack. The skin around the eyes is already thinner. So, veins cannot push blood back to the heart, due to which veins bulge out and purple lines start to appear on eyelids.

Causes of red veins on eyelids

Aging not only causes bulging veins above the eyes. It also causes bulging veins on the body such as legs, arms that varies in color like purple, green, blue, or red veins.

Why CVI causes swollen veins on eyelids

Blood in the body flows in capillaries, arteries, and veins. An Artery carries the blood from the heart towards the whole body parts such as lungs, skin, kidneys, and veins push blood back from body parts to the heart while capillaries provide oxygen and nutrients to body cells.

When the venous system does not work efficiently, veins store blood instead of pushing it towards the heart. Due to this reason, swollen veins on eyelids, legs, and other parts appear. It is not a serious matter but can be painful.  

Why exposure to UV rays causes veins near the eyes

UV rays, also known as Ultraviolet radiations, These rays come out from sunshine and spread everywhere. It is electromagnetic radiation that has 3 types

Causes of red veins on eyelids


It has the longest wavelength, 350nm or more. It penetrates deeply into the skin, crossing the Epidermis and dermis towards hypodermis. It releases its free radicals, which induce DNA changes. It can be very harmful. It can cause both physical and profound body changes such as DNA.



 It causes many serious problems such as cancer of different types, photoaging


It is a longer wavelength if compared to UV-C and a shorter wavelength as compared to UV-A. UV-B wavelength starts from 290 to 320nm. It is less harmful. Only shows apparent changes.


 It can cause surface skin damage such as tanning, skin burn, aging, wrinkles, red veins on eyelids


The wavelength of UV-C is shorter. It is only 100nm. It is not harmful. It does not penetrate the skin. It stops on the upper layer and is absorbed in the atmosphere.

Why unhealthy way of life causes dilated vessels in the eyes

An Unhealthy lifestyle simply means avoiding health-building factors such as proper diet, physical activity, 8 hours sleep, complete nourishment, and good hard work. So, the unhealthy way leads to obesity, insomnia, too much exposure to screens, malnourishment, Anorexia Nervosa, zero motivation, smoking, drug abuse, fights, depression, hatred, prejudice, and much more.

Causes of red veins on eyelids

These activities collectively result in aging, hypertension, stress, fatigue, mood swings, dilated blood vessels, eyelid vein swollen, heart attack, and eventually death.

Why hypertension causes broken capillaries on eyelids

Hypertension makes blood pressure high. Veins do not work effectively. Blood flows very quickly without proper supply to body parts such as the Epidermis. As a result, skin started to dry, and wrinkles appeared, including broken capillaries and swollen veins on the eyelids.

Causes of red veins on eyelids

keep your blood pressure in check. High BP can be the cause of many fatal diseases.

Why expansion of blood vessel causes red veins on eyelids

Due to obesity, veins enlarge unusually, causing inflammation and swelling. That leads to the veins protruding in a spider web on eyelids

Why rubbing causes broken capillaries on eyelids

Some people rub their eyes very hardly. It causes veins, capillaries breakage, and veins start to protrude in opposite directions. It happens because your entire eye is very delicate from behind and above. If you rub this soft portion badly, you will regret it later.

Risky factors

These factors are more responsible for causing red veins on eyelids, such as

Genetic history

Suppose someone in your family has red veins on eyelids history. There are 99% chances of you acquiring that gene. In this case, you can never remove veiny eyelids. After every temporary period, they will appear at any rate.


Another factor is pregnancy. Along with many problems such as facial hair, high blood pressure, anemia, infection, hair loss, bulging veins on the eyelid comes too. There are chances that you will get rid of it after 6 months of the child’s birth. Otherwise, you have to remove it through laser treatment.


Being obese or overweight also causes spider web veins around the eyes. Moderate weight should be encouraged

Too much pressure on the face

Too much pressure on the nose, tongue, or eyes can also be the reason behind veiny eyelids. Do not pressurize your facial features in any way

Gender issue

Females are likely to have veins around the eyes. If you are a woman, Be ready for it. In your early 30’s veins may be started swelling or projecting unusually.

Staying outside

If you stay most of the time in the sunlight, you are likely to get blue, red veins  on your eyelids. It can increase the factor in males. As they stay outside for work, for an extended period of time

Excessive reading

It is also responsible for veiny eyelids. Too much reading causes pressure on the eyes. Either you read on books, mobile, laptops whatever. It increases the risk factor

Dry skin

Suppose you do not moisturize your skin every day. I have a piece of bad news for you. It’s easier for you to get red veins on the eyelids.

How to hide veins on eyelids?

There is a solution to every problem. Though these veiny eyelids are not harmful, people still find ways to get rid of them. People find it ugly and a barrier in their attraction. So, people ask how to hide red veins on eyelids. There are different ways for it.

Basically, there is an eyelid veins treatment.

Natural treatment for veins near eyes

Your veins projected in different manners because of stilled blood. A pool of blood stands there. To improve the circulation of blood

-Eat fruits that encourage skin tightening agents, collagen fibers to form.  

-Massage around your eyes

-Find herbal treatment from a herbalist

– Take vitamins to strengthen your veins, such as Vitamin B (B6 and B12)

-Vitamin D for strengthening the capillaries’ walls and reducing inflammation.

Eyelids veins treatment

Multiple Treatments work for it.

V-beam / Vascular Laser Treatment

A pulse dye laser targets the specific vein/ blood vessel and burns it from inside in this process. Blood coagulates in the vein, and the vein shrinks. Later, this shrunken vein is reabsorbed by the body, and it is removed from the body through the excretion process.


-It is a cosmetic procedure, takes a maximum of 30 minutes.

-You can remove more than 2 veins at a time

– 5-6 treatments are necessary

– Sometimes does not work 100%

– Can’t be removed permanently through laser


It is almost similar to the V beam treatment. The only difference is a specialized agent/ solution/ vector is added in the targeted blue eyelid vein. It coagulates the vein, and with immune system help, it moves away.


-Takes 20-30 minutes

-Might need multiple sessions

-Easy and quick process


 Compression stockings

It works more effectively for legs, but you can also get for eyelids only made for eyes. For the eyes, use the stockings with less pressure on them. Compression stockings are longer socks that are capable of inducing blood circulation and removal of clots in veins.


-These works excellent in winter

-They have high elasticity

-Strongest Permeability

Surgical treatments

Surgery works excellent too. You can eliminate your varicose veins in the eyes and legs. A Surgeon cuts the Epidermis and removes the veins entirely from the body.

-It does not works great for veiny eyelids

-Eyelids are so small and delicate

-There are chances of harming the eyes

-Most effective for legs

Cost of treatments

The average price of treatments varies in every country. In the USA it ranges from $410 to so on. All the treatments like V-beam, Sclerotherapy, 

EVLT has different prices. And when it comes to surgery price is quite different.

Precautionary measures


Avoid sunlight by wearing sunscreen on the entire face. It does not let UV rays enter the skin and harm the skin.

Wear sunglasses

Causes of red veins on eyelids

To protect your eyelids from red veins, often wear sunglasses. We usually cover the entire face except for the eyes. Cover them too

Stay healthy

Stay fit and healthy. Control your weight. Don’t become obese by eating junk food. Eat healthy food to accelerate body nourishment and development

Exercise everyday

Keep running or exercise every day to get rid of hypertension. Make your stamina and keep your blood pressure at a normal stage.

Mobile phones

Use the less mobile phone not to stress your eyes so much. Lower your mobile usage limit

See skin specialist

Always go for a skin specialist when it comes to your skin. Follow what they say about the treatment. It is because some people have risk factors such as genetic history. So, in that case, consulting a dermatologist is not a bad idea.

Varicose veins in eyelids are harmful or harmless?

The answer to this question is no. Varicose veins or red veins on eyelids ‘are not harmful. But it varies in people. Some people say it is not detrimental others find it dangerous. It depends upon your genes, immune system, blood circulation. Some people find it quite painful.

  But it is better to stay out of the danger zone. Follow the precautionary measures given above to reduce the chances of red veins on eyelids or legs.

Causes of red veins on eyelids



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