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Benefits of Technology in Business (Workplace)

Technology has impacted humans in almost all phases of life. Many big businesses are now exploring how new technology has affected the modern workplace. Workplace technology is relied upon by businesses to increase their revenues and allows them to be more responsive. Not only big businesses but also small businesses and enterprises are working on how has new technology has affected the modern workplace.

Benefits of TechnologyThe benefits of technology outweigh the drawbacks and let businesses understand that they have to act fast to be more competitive, and innovative. The benefits of technology in the workplace have created a   mutual work environment for both businesses and employees.

How Technology Evolved?

Before looking at what are the benefits of technology in the workplace and why workplace technology is relied upon by businesses to increase their revenues and productivity, let’s look at how technology has evolved over the past decades.

           In 1960’s

Workplace technology wasn’t present at that time. Businesses were limited due to a lack of communication and limited infrastructure. However, with the invention of the desktop computer in 1964, businesses experienced the technology in hand.

           In 1970’s

With the advancement in technology and the invention of Email, communication became easier.

           In 1980’s

Companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Apple, became giants in technology. In 1981, the first laptop was invented and in 1983, Motorola, the world’s first cell phone was launched. The cell phone was the first technical communication tool that enables businesses to expand their presence and improve communication in the workplace. Businesses started realizing the benefits of technology in the workplace and start implementing it.

           In 1990’s

This era was the time of technological advancement. World Wide Web (www) was introduced in 1989, and with this technology, information was almost everywhere in the world. Businesses were able to launch their websites with the invention of Google in 1998. Now the businesses had more presence among the consumers and more global reach and more competition.

           In 2000’s

Google became the household thing. Businesses big or small, consumers everywhere in the world can reach the global markets more easily and effectively. Social Media development like Facebook opened up new doors for the technology and presence for the businesses.

This advancement in technology also led to Research and Development.

           In 2010’s

Welcome to the world of technology!

Technology has been fully incorporated into our lives.

How Technology Benefits Workplace

Not only the technology affects businesses and helps in increasing revenues, the benefits of technology in the workplace have also evolved over time.

Businesses are now focusing much on employee satisfaction, their efficiency at the workplace, and hands-on knowledge of technical advancement among the employees.

Workplace technology is relied upon by businesses to increase,

1.         Communication

Zoom, Email, WhatsApp, Messaging, and Google Meet make communication easier. We can message across the globe in a fraction of seconds as well as we can do a video conference with people in different parts of the world. This level of communication makes everything faster and quick, decision-making becomes easier and relationships among stakeholders flourish.

2.         Efficiency

 Workplace technology is relied upon by businesses to increase their efficiency in the offices and among employees. These days almost all modern workplaces have installed tools for better efficiency. These tools help employees to work more efficiently and cutting down the cost as well. A technology enables business to make work easier and efficient- which is the key driver of the technology is the cherry on the cake.

3.         Creativity

Teamwork and communication promote creativity. Technology develops creativity by giving employees an outlet for their ideas. Most of the companies have encourages employees to use different tools to foster creative business ideas. Companies also give rewards and benefits to those who are more creative and innovative while using technology and helps in the expansion the business.

By communicating with each other and sharing ideas, an employee get better understanding of workplace environment and tends to be more creative.

4.         Adaptability

Excess to information and technology has led us to more adaptable at workplaces. The whole team can respond to any situation and change by communicating efficiently.

Adaptability to new technology increases the productivity of the employees and also saves time. For Example, by using cloud-based tools employees can stay at their work from any part of the world.

5.         Recruitment

Hiring a competent employee has always been a tough job for the employer. These days’ social media has made this job easier for employers. Technology has empowered businesses to expand their presence and can hire individuals from across the globe and diversify their workforce.

6.         Revenues

Technology increases profits!

Combining efficiency, communication, adaptability, and creativity, all lead to an increase in profits. Adaptation of new technology in the workplace, installing new technology in the production lines eliminates uncertainty which results in cost-saving and high revenues.

Drawback of Technology in the Workplace

If, workplace technology is relied upon by businesses to increase effectiveness of workforce, it also hampers the benefits of technology in the workplace in many ways.

Some of the drawbacks of technology in the workplace are listed below,

  • 1.      Lack of Interaction

Despite benefits of communication via technology, we cannot neglect the importance of face to face interaction. Employees tend to communicate with each other through Emails, Google meet, Zoom online video sessions, Skype and most importantly through Whatsapp. This results in lack of interaction between them and face to face communication. One to one interaction is important in building relationship among employees and to create friendly workplace environment.

  • 2.      Security Risk

With too much advancement in technology, businesses confidential data is also at risk. Hacking is one of the important elements in this regard. Also all the decision makers have access to important official data which comes with the data security risk.

  • 3.      Lack of Focus at Workplace

When there are benefits of technology in the workplace, we have to face some drawbacks as well. Lack of focus due to the use of technology is one of the key drawbacks which hinder performance of the employees. That is why most of the companies block or limited assess of social media networking apps and sites which distracts the attention of the employees.


Win-Win situation is created by realizing the benefits of technology in the workplace as well as the drawbacks. Technology has gone a long way and business has adjusted their workplace and workforce.





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