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Are you looking for ideas, How to get a doll eye eyelashes extension?

Well, we all want beautiful eyelashes to look prettier, for this purpose we all use

different kinds of cosmetics and surgery but these methods are not that effective. Today I’m

gonna share some effective and easy tips and ideas about how we can grow over

eyelashes and make them thicker, and shiny like a Barby doll.

By combing eyelashes.

Studies have proved that combing your eyelash can help in the growth of your eyelash

and improve the growth rate of eyelash hairs to make them like a Barby DOLL also

adding a few drops of VİTAMİN E can give you more effective results

so comb your eyelashes twice a day for up to 5 minutes with a mascara brush or any kind of

other brush and you will get magical results, also combing helps in increasing blood flow to

the to the hairs of eyelashes and promote growth rate in a few weeks.

Essential oils.

For having eyelash extension like doll eyes,

You must need natural oils like coconut oil, Omand, olive, Caster, almond, or jojoba oil for

getting doll-like eyelashes. Studies have proved that natural oils contain nourishing fatty

acids they provide follicle of your eyelashes with necessary nutrition thus keeping them

healthy and happy, İn top of that natural oils are rich in anti oxidants which are crucial if

If you want to have fast eyelash growth like a Barby, you need several drops of the olive

oil, castor oil, or any of the other oil. 

Apply them through your brush or even with your fingertips before you go to your bed

and leave it overnight, remember to repeat this procedure every day if u want to achieve your goal. 

Petroleum jelly.

For achieving eyelashes extension like cat eyes u can also use petroleum jelly-like

Vaseline if you don’t have any oil. İt moisturizes and smooths your eyelash it also helps to

make your eyelashes thicker and grow longer like a doll. On top of that apply petroleum

jelly to moisture to your eyelids, as a result, it keeps your eyelid skin smooth and shuffles. 

Be careful while applying you must not expose petroleum jelly inside of your eyes if your

skin is sensitive it may cause an unwanted reaction.

Balance Diet.

İf your goal is to have doll eyelashes you must avoid junk foods, junk food contains many

the vitamin-like Mg, B12, C, and Ca which may cause heart fall or weak eyelash damage. You must have to avoid junk food for your healthy eyelashes.

For better growth of your eyelashes, you must eat food having rich protein like meat,

eggs, cheese, and fish which will help you in batter eyelash growth.

Green Tea.

İf u are willing to have cat-like beautiful eyelashes you will have to make a Habit of Green

tea, there are tons of antioxidants as well as vitamins in cure your eyelashes and help in thicker and batter eyelashes growth. 

After all green tea is used in a lot of cosmetics for heart fall treatment.

First of all, take a cup of green tea let it cool down then dip cotton in then squeeze it and

apply cotton to your eyes repeat this once or twice a day. İf you do it in the evening you can

leave green tea on your eyelashes overnight.

Aloe Vera.

Both the juice and flash of aloe vera are excellent nourishment for hair and if its good for

your hair will also strengthen your eyelashes. 

To use aloe Vera find an aloe Vera and squeeze it let the jelly out of aloe Vera in a cup,

apply the jelly of Aloe Vera on your eyelash with a brush or with your fingertips, if u do this

At the night you can leave the jelly overnight on your eyelashes.

Also, there are some other routines that also affect the growth of hair as well as eye

lashes you must to take proper sleep for healthy and beautiful eyelashes otherwise you will

fail in the growth of your eyelashes and your dream to have eyelashes as a Barby doll will

remain just a dream.

Hope these tips will help you with rapid eyelash growth. 

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