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All About Snake Eyes Piercing

Piercing is one of the most eye-catching and unique arts. There are many kinds of piercings. Let’s just start with the most peculiar one: snake eyes. 

All About Snake Eyes Piercing

These days body art is such a fascinating thing. Snake Eyes Piercing is the coolest one, Just by doing a piercing, you will be able to change your entire look. Snake eye piercing is one of the quick-healing tongue piercings. if you want to give yourself a bold look, you must try it. 

Concept Of Piercing 

The concept of tongue piercing was very over the hill. In historical times, priests and Asians pierced their tongues for their gods to show them loyalty. This is also very trendy nowadays.

Why Do We Resemble It With Snake Eyes?

It looks really attractive when barbells run horizontally through the tongue; it seems like two snake eyes peering out, but it is as painful as it sounds.

Things You Need To Look at If You Make Up Your Mind 

If you make up your mind and you are going to have snake eyes pierced, let me tell you the first and most important thing you have to look at. 

People no longer look at your eyes or face when you talk or eat. They look at your mouth only. After this, you will face lots of irritation while talking and eating. Choose a good piercing location. Make sure you thoroughly research your piercer and take a look around the location when you go; it should be extremely neat and clean, and your piercer should be wearing gloves and using a sterile instrument. 

About The Barbell/Jewelry 

The initial barbell or jewelry that you will be fitted with must be large for the first week. because if it is very small you may swallow or chew it. After that, when you think it is starting to heal, visit your piercer and ask him to install a small barbell as compared to the first one. That’s will make you more comfortable with your barbell, and now you need less interruption while you are talking or eating it will make its place.  

How long would it take?

Snake piercing heals so fast as compared to other tongue piercings. It takes 4 to 8 weeks. In this period, you need to be very careful because it may complicate things as well if you don’t take care of it.

Let’s have an eye on the few things, that you need to follow for spending yours after piercing time smoothly.

§  Clean your mouth 2-3 times and take care of your oral hygiene, especially after every meal.

§  Avoid alcohol Do not even use mouthwash containing alcohol.

§ Be very careful about the food you eat during this period eat only soft food like yogurt, juice, boil veggies, soup, fruits, etc.  

§  Eat A lot of ice and drink lots of water.

§  Be very careful and take your time when eating and talking otherwise, you will bite your piercing. You really need to talk slow because of your piercing otherwise you may swallow it or it may be a choke.

§  Check up on your ball again and again that is it tightly holds You may have swallowed it if it is not tightly held.

§   Do not play with it because your jewelry is so small you may swallow it or it will harm your tongue. If you continuously play with it, you will notice that your tongue would be swelled from the bar side.

§  Your hole might get closed if you leave it without wearing a barbell for so long. In the beginning, avoid removing it; otherwise, you will have to again pierce your tongue if it gets closed.

Solution For Foodies 

This tongue Piercing idea is worst for foodies because for more than 8 weeks you guys aren’t able to eat spicy and crunchy types of food. but as you know, nothing is impossible. If you are foody and can’t compromise on food and also want to get a snake eyes piercing, then you can do one thing. 

You can remove the piercing before eating, and when you are done, you can place it again. But for the very first week, you only have to intake soft food. because in starting you can’t compromise on your piercing so you need to take good care and visit your piercer if you feel any interruption. 

Avoid Oral Contact

You have to avoid oral contact it is really necessary. Do not kiss until your piercing gets healed, because contact with someone else’s saliva will be dangerous.   Do not share your spoon, glass, fork, water bottle or the things with are in contact with your mouth.   

Frog Eyes Vs Snake Eyes Piercing

There is no big difference between the two of them. For both, you have to follow the same rules.

The main difference is the location of frog eyes is in the center of the tongue, so it will be slightly less painful and not get stuck in your teeth as much as snake eyes. Getting pierced on the tip of your tongue is usually more painful than getting pierced in the middle of your tongue.  

Hope the above-given information helps you to finalize your decision.



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