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30 minute workout for kids.


In this article, we will be discussing about workouts for kids. In order to make them fit physically.  To make them active and more attentive in their schools as well as homes.  We will see why it is necessary to move your body everyday. If you want to know about the changes in body, hormonal influences , multi workouts for kids stick to the end to find  out. we will also discuss benefits of exercising.

30 minute workout for kids

In this era, workout is extremely important either for kids , teens or people with 50 or plus age. 30 minute  exercise and workout plays a huge role in your health. 

30 minute workout for kids.

 A good health comes from fresh mind. Mind freshens only if it’s treated exactly the way it deserves. so, a 30 minute workout is necessary.

social media craze;

In this era of social media, mobile phone , notepad children are sticks to their screen. They are more interested in knowing how to doviral tik tok dances or how to do viral makeup challenge.

30 minute workout for kids.

 These challenges won’t help them much. They are just so attracted toward fame. They lost their innocence.

 childhood period;

When a child is in its childhood period. He need proper nourishment for growth and development. Certain hormones releases that accelerates his/her puberty.

All these things cause huge effect on his body. We all know hormones releases at their specific time. You can’t forcefully produce a hormone in your body. If you inject it from outside. It wont stay for longer period of time.


Injecting body fluids from outside source would be a crime instead of giving the environment where it produces itself.

Always check

Parents should focus on their children health by checking out their



Health condition

Mind efficiency

Working ability

Sports activities


Parents should not only force their kids for exercising instead they should do it with them. 

They should lead and let their kids follow them.  However, parental or teens workout would be different and prolonged than kids workout.so, you should do those exercises that are not too difficult for your kids to follow.


Follow these steps

1.       Get up early in the morning.

The first key towards your child’s fitness is to get up early.

2.       Go for a morning walk

Morning walk is essential for workout. your body needs a warm up. If you follow it.  you don’t need  any warm up exercise first.

3.       Do exercise.

Different exercise that includes whole body movement should follow.



Start with 

Jumping Jacks.

15 sets for the start followed by a simple running. You should always engage in such activities with your child. He/she will play with more attention and happiness.

Jumping jacks will give body a proper warm up. your body will get ready for more exercise. It will make a stamina.



Lateral arm circles

1 set of 20 for this exercise. Where kids will move their  arms laterally. It will enhance their shoulder and muscle movements.

Knee drive

Another amazing exercise not only for your upper muscles , also for your belly.

30 minute workout for kids.

In this one, join hands from top and forcefully move along arms towards knees. In this force packing between arms and knees, your belly will squeeze. It results in core strengthening.


 If you keep doing it.  your children might become frustrated. So rest is extremely important.  Make them rest for 3 – 5 minutes.


It’s a fun activity. We might say it is a favourite exercise for kids. In this move your foot along legs front and back with coordination of left and right movements.

1 set of 30 would be enough.

Again rest is recommended .


High knee jacks

1 set of 30.

Move your arms from top towards the end of your knees but pulling your knees upwards. It is best for the sides of your kids body.


Hand claps

Your children are definitely going to love this one.

Clap hands upwards while moving left and right.

30 minute workout for kids.

You can play songs at the back to move in flow.

 30 times would be sufficient.

Ski hops

It is basically a jump where you almost sit. It works great for body strengthening.

30 minute workout for kids.

10 times would be enough.

Walk downs

In this exercise, you move from top to bottom as you are walking.

Atleast do it for 10 times

Waist pinchers

In this exercise, place your one hand on your waist. And squeeze other hand’s elbow with knee.

Do this 10 times on both left and right sides.


 Squat and kick

Another excellent exercise for legs and pelvic part of body is squats and kick. Strengths your legs pretty much.

30 minute workout for kids.

 20 squats and kicks are must.

30 minute workout for kids.

Give your kids some rest after it.

Ski jacks

It is a fun acitivity where you act like you are walking but you aren’t . you just move your hands and legs in coordination.

10 times  for 1 set.

Touch ground with hands

In this exercise you just try to touch ground with your hands. It sounds really easy. But, it is not easy. You have to stretch your hands, arm

Try this without bending your knees, legs.

5 times would be enough.



Plank is a difficult exercise. It’s probably the only exercise where you have to stay still. No movements take place.

30 minute workout for kids.

You have to stop your body on your hands in accordance with arms. Your body stands still on top of ground. 

Your body along with hands and arms will shake a lot. But it’s all fine. It is just the beginning.

Your kids will be able to do it for 10 seconds only in start maybe less than that.

1 plank is enough everyday. Make sure to increase the number of seconds with every passing day.


That’s it. these are the exercises that plays a huge role in your kids fitness. Other than that. You should encourage them to play sports. 

Sports includes win or lose strategy. These kinds of games are quite interesting for kids. They play with their whole heart by teaming up. some sports that kids find really interesting are

30 minute workout for kids.







7.Running on stairs

These all are highly recommended.

30 minute workout for kids.

Increase the time of workout for your kids. 30 minutes in the start. Try to exceed it for atleast 60 minutes. If they cant do it at 60 minutes for one time. You should split it.

Two times workout. or workout for 30 minutes first and at the evening sports for 30 minutes. It will make your children very healthy. Hopefully. stick to end to see benefits of exercising.


Workout with good diet;

Workout is not the only thing that matters for kids. 30 minute workout with atleast good diet results in healthy body.

Add proteins rich food in their meals. Don’t cut off dairy products at any cost. 1 glass of milk everyday is highly suggested.  Carbohydrates rich foods should be given. More fruits and veggies that  increases blood production.

Try to avoid junk food, fatty food. Once in a week is more than enough. Cut off all the drinks. Make them habitual of drinking fresh fruit juices.


Benefits of exercising

Improves blood circulation

Boosts energy

Helps to balance weight

Improve sleep

Makes your more productive

Release happy hormones in your body

Controls mood swings

Results in good mood

Freshens your mind

More organized

Long life production

30 minute workout for kids.

More confidence

Makes you healthy

Causes skin glowing.



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