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15 things a 16 year old should do

Sixteen years of age can bring pleasure and disappointment to guardians. Where your parents are feeling proud of you for your achievements and success on the same page they are facing struggles because of your frustrating behaviors. 

Being sixteen means that now you have to be responsible and start to learn small things which will help you in the future. Where you get freedom, you also have to be skilled to enjoy that freedom. For that, you should know 15 skills whether you are a boy or a girl. 

Be serious about your career in future 

Try your hardest in school. And now is the time when you have to choose your future career and you should be very considerate about choosing your career as it will affect your future. So consult career counselors. 

15 things a 16 years old

Take care of your parents 

Be as thoughtful as you can for your parents as the teenage years bring a lot of moodiness which affects them too.

15 things a 16 years old

Start doing online jobs 

There are many online jobs which you can do. You can start earning by the age of sixteen. You will learn to manage money and can help your parents as well. By doing so, you will become more independent and responsible when you will be in your twenties.

15 things a 16 years old

Order food 

This is also one of the 15 things you should know. You should know how to order food online. As in the case, there is no one at home or all of the family members are sleeping and you are tired enough to cook something then it would be easier for you to get food at your doorstep.

15 things a 16 years old

Do laundry

You should know how to do laundry. You should know to sort colors from whites and should know how much detergent should be used to give clothes a good wash. By this age, they should know how to operate the washing machines. After drying clothes, they should fold the laundry and put them in the cupboards. Because maybe in coming years they would be living in the hostel so you should know how to take care of your things.

Use public transportation alone 

By now you should be independent and confident enough that you can use public transportation.

15 things a 16 years old

Manage hygiene 

Bathe and use a deodorant spray to keep yourself fresh. You are grown up now and taking care of hygiene is basic. Flossing and brushing teeth are also included in personal hygiene. 

For girls 

Girls reach puberty and start to have menses so now girls should take care of hygiene to avoid infections. Use clean undergarments and intimate wash. 

For boys 

Boys should also take care of their hygiene. Boys should keep their clothes clean and should use undergarments. Change them regularly to keep yourself clean and fresh. Bathe regularly.


Boys and girls should know self-grooming. Everyone show should know to keep themselves groomed. Grooming includes skincare haircut nail cutting, and shaving Girls should know a little bit about doing makeup as they are growing up now.  

Be kind to yourself 

Be kind to yourself. Most preteens and teens experience some sort of serious self-esteem issues. Grades and smart looks don’t matter

Get moving

Get some exercise or do some sports no matter how busy you are. It’s easiest to become fit when you’re young. Especially during puberty because your body is going through many changes. Working out can help you in improving mood swings

Read books

Read different books as it will increase your knowledge and it is also said that you can travel through books. Reading books will improve your vocabulary.

Replace the tire 

When you reach sixteen, you should start doing simple things, like you should know how to replace a tire if it got punctured. Here in the picture teen girls, in Sweden, at school are learning to change their tires.

House chores 

Regardless of gender, you should start helping with house chores which can be 

  •  Helping in kitchen 
  •  Cleaning 
  •  Making bed 
  •  Organizing your cupboards
  •  Looking after younger siblings
15 things a 16 years old

First aid 

By the age of sixteen, you should know the first aid steps. They should know how to check blood pressure, and temperature and if someone gets injured what they should be doing. They should also know how to give CPR. 

15 things a 16 years old

Learn different skills 

 They should learn skills because education and skills can never let you down in your life. After all, a skilled person can never be worried about his earnings as he knows that his skills can make him earn somehow. 

 Learn some basic skills like driving which can help you throughout your life.

15 things a 16 years old



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